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Dear Readers,

Last week, SAS employee and proceedings archivist Lex Jansen sent me a cool report (SAS output, of course!). It listed 1,874 different SAS Global Forum titles. Each title had been downloaded 100 times or more during the first half of 2014.

The message is loud and clear: SAS users rely on the information they find in conference papers.

Which brings me to another important point: The call for content for SAS Global Forum 2015 is open, and your experience is needed and valued by SAS users worldwide. So please submit your ideas today.

Need inspiration? Look for archived papers on these sites:

Like these papers, some programming techniques are timeless, and Chris Hemedinger is determined to keep more SAS tips coming to your inbox. In July, he mailed the first issue of the SAS Tech Report: Tips Extra. Please let Chris know what you think!

P.S. Can you guess which SAS Global Forum 2009 Coder's Corner paper topped Jansen's list?

Christina Harvey
Editor, SAS Tech Report
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