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Better Plotting through SAS
Laying down layered graphs in SAS »
Onions have layers; parfaits have layers; your SGPLOTs can have layers too. It's our featured plot for this month's Tips Extra!
Create a spaghetti plot with SGPLOT »
Warning: Noodling around with this SAS sample will make you hungry for more.
Visualizing our rising sea levels »
Hold your breath – we're going swimming with SAS/GRAPH!
Videos: Watch and Learn
VIDEO: Add conditional highlighting to a SAS report »
A different sort of highlight reel for SAS Enterprise Guide users.
VIDEO: Using R packages from within SAS/IML »
Rick Wicklin delivers a useful and pun-filled demonstration, showing how to put the "R" in "reuse".
Cures for Performance Anxiety
Can my SAS app be grid-enabled? »
How to divide and conquer your big-data problems!
The not-so-scary hash object »
Get over the hash hump and make your DATA step programs scream.
Performance tips for viewing data in SAS Enterprise Guide »
You can view your big data your way, but don't get crazy. 
Geeking Out with Math(s)
How to create monthly dummy variables »
Turn your date values into dummy vars the smart way: arrays!
Counting non-missing values on the cheap »
Using PROC MEANS instead of PROC FREQ to count what's not there.
Scatter plots with logarithmic axes…and handling zeros »
An algorithm with logarithms that reveals the comment-rhythm on SAS blogs.
The difference between 0 and -0 »
"Is there a hole ripped in the fabric of reality?" Nah, it's just IEEE 754. All good.
Generate Texas hold ’em poker hands in SAS »
You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to simulate 'em.
Technical Support
Technical Problems »
E-mail Address Changes »
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