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Dear Readers,

Ready to become part of the next generation of analytics leaders?

Our new no-cost software - SAS® University Edition - just put that goal within reach. Available to students, professors, academic researchers and lifelong learners, SAS University Edition provides local access to BASE SAS, SAS/STAT® software, SAS Studio, SAS/IML® software and SAS/ACCESS® Interface to PC Files. Here's a list of resources to help you on your way:

Happy learning!

Christina Harvey
Editor, SAS Tech Report
Tips & Techniques
Converting Values to Different Bases »
Two-part example shows how to convert from any given number base to base 10 and vice-versa.
SAS® Studio Explained »
Chris Hemedinger tells how SAS Studio is and is not a replacement for SAS® Enterprise Guide®.
Why Learn SAS® Macro Facility »
Bonus reason: Macro experience is a requirement for many SAS programming jobs.
Modifying Graph Styles Is Easier! »
SAS 9.4 enhancements simplify changes to default attributes for graphics output.
When One Model Isn’t Enough »
An overview of three combination techniques typically used for forecast models.
Live Google Maps in SAS Output »
Impossible? Not according to this blog post. Instructions, code and live output included.
SET Statement: Ain’t Misbehavin’ »
A review of the Program Data Vector (PDV) might explain unexpected results when reading data sets.
Webinars & Events

Getting Started with SAS® Studio
July 17
1 p.m. ET

WUSS 2014
Sept. 3-5
San Jose, CA
Early registration
closes Aug. 4

MWSUG 2014
Oct. 5-7
Registration open 

SESUG 2014
Oct. 19–21
Myrtle Beach, SC
Registration open 

SCSUG 2014
Nov. 10-11
Austin, TX
Registration opens
Aug. 1

SAS® Global Forum 2015
April 26-29
Call for content
opens July 22
From Your SAS Communities
Filling In Missing Data »
How to replace data stored as NULL with an equal-weighted percentage using PROC SUMMARY.
Pass SAS Queries to Oracle »
Download this tip sheet that tells how to get the database to do all the work.
Data Mining Tips and Tricks »
SAS Data Mining community offers a Tip of the Week. Archives are listed here.
SAS Stored Processes »
Got questions? The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes reported to be "worth every penny."
Resources Within Reach
SAS® Training on Tour »
We're taking three of our most popular courses, SAS Programming 1, 2 and 3 to five US cities.
Predictive Hazard Modeling »
Expanded course covers recurrent events, Cox Proportional Hazards and fully parametric models.
Structural Equation Modeling »
New book explains important data analysis procedures for social and behavioral sciences.
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SAS Tutorials »
Free how-to videos
Graphics Output Gallery »
Samples by procedure and type
Samples and SAS Notes »
Sample SAS code
SAS Global Forum Papers »
2014 conference proceedings
SAS Technical Support Form »
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Technical Support
Technical Problems »
E-mail Address Changes »
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