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Dear Readers,

This month, I want to introduce you to SAS' newest and most flexible programming interface.

SAS® Studio works almost anywhere. Open your favorite web browser such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer to prepare and submit SAS programs on any device--the Mac in your dorm, a Windows desktop at work, your laptop or iPad.

To process SAS programs, SAS Studio connects to your SAS server wherever it resides--in the cloud, on a SAS environment at the office or in the copy of SAS on your personal machine. After processing, the SAS server returns the results to your SAS Studio session.

SAS Studio is now available as part of Base SAS 9.4. Students and faculty also receive SAS Studio with the SAS University Edition. Eager to learn more? Try these resources:

We'd love to hear your feedback. Send a note and let us know what you think.

Christina Harvey
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Access to SAS® Visual Analytics »
You can open SAS Visual Analytics reports in the SAS®Add-In for Microsoft Office and in SAS® Enterprise Guide®. Refer to this SAS Usage Note for the supported releases.
Tip Sheets for Base SAS® »
Love coding cheat sheets? Did you know the Base SAS Focus Area on has more than 20 available for printing? Topics vary from ODS to newer SAS procedures.
Heartbleed Bug Assessment »
SAS has completed its assessment of any use of OpenSSL 1.0.1 by SAS as it relates to the Heartbleed vulnerability.
SASware Ballot®: Make a Difference »
SAS is giving you more ways to submit your ideas for new software and services. Now you can enter them directly in the online support communities.
Tips & Techniques
Range Slider: Capture Number of Days »
In SAS Visual Analytics, you might want to use the number of days in calculations. This sample shows how to derive that value from dates on the range slider.
Make Macros Data-Driven »
Within SAS, the best way to execute a repetitive task based on a data set variable is to invoke a macro that uses CALL EXECUTE.
SAS® Formats for All Occasions »
Rick Wicklin recently shared how to format decimals as fractions in SAS. Look for other useful SAS formats listed alphabetically, by product or by category.
Ensemble Models Explained »
Combining predictions from more than one model can help you make better predictions. This blog post illustrates the two most popular forms of ensembles in the data mining community.
Webcasts & Events

PROC DATASETS: The Swiss Army Knife of SAS® Procedures
On demand

PharmaSUG 2014
June 1-4
San Diego
Online registration
ends May 22

WUSS 2014
Sept. 3-5
San Jose, CA 

SESUG 2014
Oct. 19–21
Myrtle Beach, SC
Call for papers
closes May 19

MWSUG 2014
Oct. 5-7
Call for papers

SCSUG 2014
Nov. 10-11
Austin, TX
Call for papers open 
SAS® Users Connecting
Data Management Group »
DMSUG is a worldwide network of people who use SAS® Data Management solutions. Join today to share best practices and SAS expertise through meetings, annual events and online discussions.
Why Attend Analytics 2014? »
Here are five good reasons for data scientists to attend this educational conference, June 4-5, in Frankfurt, Germany.
SAS® Global Forum 2015 »
Conference Chair Tyler Smith invites you to join SAS users and experts from around the world for four days of learning in Dallas, April 26-29, 2015.
Training & Books
SAS® Data Into Excel »
Learn how to export SAS tables or procedure output from Base SAS into Excel spreadsheets by taking the "Exporting SAS Data Sets and Creating ODS Files for Microsoft Excel" course.
ODS Techniques »
A new ODS Techniques book by Kevin D. Smith offers tips and techniques inspired by frequently asked questions from his interactions with SAS users.
Fourteen SAS Best Sellers »
New books, books written by presenters and SAS Certification Guides topped the list at SAS Global Forum 2014. Browse these titles in our new online store.
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