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Dear Readers,

I hope some of you were able to attend Renee Harper's Super Demo "Tips for Getting the Most Out of" at SAS Global Forum 2014. A few tips surprised users at the conference. Here's a chance to see if any of them surprise you!

Did you know that has?

Enhancements to will continue throughout the year. Look for announcements in this newsletter and on the site itself.

Christina Harvey
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
SAS Technical Support Blogs! »
Don't miss the new Problem Solvers series on the SAS Users Groups blog. Every month, SAS Technical Support specialists will be helping both new and experienced SAS users avoid common pitfalls in SAS programming.
SAS® Enterprise Miner™ Resources »
The Getting Started tab for SAS Enterprise Miner highlights resources that help you create a statistical model, work through an example of data mining and watch an introductory webinar.
SAS® In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop »
Do you work in Hadoop? New SAS In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop provides one environment for the entire analytical life cycle. See an online demo and webinar for more information.
Tips & Techniques
Use Email Rules to Run SAS® Projects »
With SAS® Enterprise Guide® and Microsoft Outlook on the same computer, you can use Outlook rules to execute a SAS Enterprise Guide project in batch.
Same Operator, Different Results »
A WHERE clause that uses the NOT operator returns different results in PROC SQL than it does in SAS DATA step and Base SAS procedures. This note explains why.
Substring From the Right »
A user asked the SAS Procedures community if there is a quick way to remove only the last three digits when the length of the field is not uniform.
Creating International Graphs »
Different locales have different preferences for how commas, spaces and decimals are written. Blogger Robert Allison explains how international SAS programmers can use SAS NLS formats effectively.
Axes Synchronization »
Plotting multiple response variables can become tricky when they are very different in magnitudes or format. Sanjay Matange's blog post shows a few workarounds for common problems.

Webcasts & Events

A Hitchhiker’s Practical Guide to Text Analysis
April 17
1 p.m. ET

PharmaSUG 2014
June 1-4
San Diego
Early registration ends
April 28

WUSS 2014
Sept. 3-5
San Jose, CA
Call for papers
ends May 5

MWSUG 2014
Oct. 5-7
Call for papers
opens April 14

SESUG 2014
Oct. 19–21
Myrtle Beach, SC
Call for papers open 

SCSUG 2014
Nov. 10-11
Austin, TX
Call for papers open 
SAS® Users Connecting
2014 Conference Proceedings »
SAS Global Forum 2014 Proceedings are available. This year, you can filter, search and browse more easily than ever. You can catch up with on-demand webcast content too!
User Wins Trip to Conference »
Bob Whitehead, a SAS user for 30 years, won his first trip to SAS Global Forum through attendee feedback for the best presentation at Western Australia SAS Users Group (WASUP).
SAS® Analytics U Community »
The recently formed SAS Analytics U Community is a social community open to professors, students and academic researchers who are using SAS software and solutions.
SAS® Training Opportunities »
SAS Education offers a variety of training opportunities for every business need. Find the training that will grow your business. Now taking registrations for July - December courses!
Data Mining Insights »
Gordon Linoff shares his secrets on data mining techniques and survival analysis in two Business Knowledge Series classes. Learn how he has solved problems for customers around the globe.
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