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Dear Readers,

Don't you just hate this: Every time you go to your favorite website or blog you have to login again? And, it does no good to simply keep the site open in your browser, because it logs you out for no activity. Well, don't despair. We know what you want – an extended login.


You asked for it, and you got it: On Friday, December 8, 2012, a "Keep me logged in" option was added to the Login windows on all SAS web sites. Select this option when you log in to stay logged in to the SAS web sites for seven days if you are active or up to five days when you are idle. And, your login will persist across browser sessions during the seven or five day period. (Great news for those who follow community activity via email.)


Let us know how this works out, and tell us about other improvements you'd like to see.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
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