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Dear Readers,

My first writing assignment at SAS was documenting the DATASETS procedure. I was new to SAS and new to software documentation. As I tried to write examples for statements and options, I remember wanting to know more about their real-world uses. (Connecting with actual users wasn't so easy then.)

Last week, I was reading Greg Nelson's post on the SAS Users Groups blog. Imagine how pleased I was to see my old friend PROC DATASETS still being put to good use!   I've also been pleased to discover so many opportunities for sharing SAS tips and techniques.

Taking on this new role, I no longer have to guess what information you want delivered to your Inbox. You have lots of ways to let me know!  So please take a few minutes to send email or connect on SAS Users Groups LinkedIn or Facebook sites.  I'd love to hear from you!

Christina Harvey
Editor, SAS Tech Report
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Introduction to Custom Tasks in SAS® Enterprise Guide®

March 14
1:00 pm ET

PharmaSUG 2013
May 12-15
Chicago, IL
Early Registration Closes April 1 

SAS Global Forum 2013
April 28
San Francisco, CA
Registration OPEN! 
SAS Users Connecting
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Learn more about using SAS to help you generate customer insights from unstructured data and to understand and predict customer sentiments. Class debuts May 6-7 in San Francisco.
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