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Dear Readers,

Did you attend SESUG 2012? It was great! Christina Harvey and I were there and attended many great presentations. We made some new friends and caught up with some old friends. If you want to see what we saw, take a look at the SESUG posts on the SAS Users Groups blog. Download the zip file at to take a look at all of the papers. (Congratulations to Janet Willis, from Rho, Inc. She was awarded Best Poster for Do You Have Too Much Class?  You can find her paper in the zip file as PO-04.

And take a look at the new series for SAS administrators on the SAS Users Groups blog. Christina and I plan to give administrators information that includes talking with IT, storage and IO subsystems.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
SAS Global Forum Call for Papers Ending! »
The schedule is tight, but you still have time to submit your paper proposal for SAS Global Forum. You don't want to miss out. To shake it up a bit, remember that this year is the year of the poster. The goal is to have 100 posters!
Three Autoexec Editing Tips »
In SAS BI configurations there are as well as SAS programs scattered throughout. Angela Hall gives three tips for knowing which one(s) to edit?
Using The NWKDOM Function »
Rick Wicklin says that having the right tool – in DIY situations and in programming – makes the job easier. He has just discovered the NWKDOM function. This function makes the job of computing  the change from the beginning of daylight saving time.
Tips & Techniques
Have SAS® Enterprise Guide® Prompt for a Database user ID/password »
A password and user ID are required for you to connect to an external database from SAS Enterprise Guide. Here are the steps you can use to get a prompt for your database password from SAS Enterprise Guide
Forget Me Not »
Do you have a library in your head of all of the SAS Procedures? No? Well, here is a documentation page you should bookmark – SAS Procedures by Name.
New Book Uses Examples to Explain PROC DOCUMENT »
SAS Press has a new book that explains how to work with PROC DOCUMENT to store your procedure output for replay.
Webcasts & Events

Key Capabilities of SAS® Grid Computing
On demand

PharmaSUG 2013
May 12-15
Chicago, IL

SAS Global Forum 2013
April 28
San Francisco, CA
SAS Users Connecting
SAS Users Groups Sites Get a New Shine
If you subscribe to the SAS Global Forum Facebook Page, you may have noticed a little change. We've updated the page (just as we did with the SAS Global Forum blog and LinkedIn page). These sites still give you information about SAS Global Forum, but they also provide a wide variety of user event information and even some technical content. Subscribe, join and follow today!
SAS Functions by Example »
A must-have course for anyone who programs in Base SAS®! Listen to author Ron Cody give an overview of his class. Seats are still available for the Dec.6-7 course in Chicago. Register today!
The SAS Training Roadshow »
Lise Cragen, a Technical Trainer for SAS, shares tips from her Programming 1 and Programming 2 classes.
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