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Dear Readers,

I've been to four SAS Global Forums (I know, I'm a baby at SAS), and I'll bet that after each one my Editor's Note says, "This was the best one EVER!" Well, if you were there in Orlando, you probably think the same thing. If you were at your desk, we missed you, but we brought back presents:

  • You can read all of the papers online in the SAS Global Forum 2012 proceedings. A list of the Best Contributed Papers is also available.
  • Many wonderful photos were taken of the event – photos taken behind the scenes and of the scenes by those taking part in the scenes. Download the Instagram app to your smartphone and search for #sasgf12. If you don't have a smartphone, you can see some of the photos here.
  • Your colleagues and mine tried to attend as many sessions as possible and report on what we saw and heard on the SAS Users Groups blog and many other blogs at

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
SAS Global Forum Takeout »
The SAS Global Forum Takeout is available once again! The Executive Committee selected 17 presentations for you to use in your presentations, SAS Users Groups events, in-house events, etc. These are full slide presentations with narration from the original presenters. FREE!
New and Improved SASware Ballot
Read this post by Renee Harper and then go to the new SASware Ballot Community to vote on changes or updates that you would like to see to the SAS Software. This change makes it an even more collaborative process.
Jedi SAS Tricks – Roll Your Own Function »
SAS Jedi was asked, "Does SAS have an interval calculating function that takes DST into account?" Since SAS doesn't, the Jedi needed to solve the problem using the SAS Function Compiler procedure, affectionately known as PROC FCMP.
First Analytic Superhero Named »
Read this great story about how Rick Andrews, a 20-year programmer-analyst who works in the Office of the Actuary for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, became the first Analytic Superhero. Do you have analytics superpowers? Current SAS and Teradata customers click here to find out how you could become immortalized.
Tips & Techniques
How to Mimic the N Function for Character Variables »
The N function counts nonmissing numerics variables in observations, but there is no similar function for character variables. This code mimics the capability by counting nonmissing character variables. Note that to count missing values, both NMISS and CMISS functions do exist. (See SAS® 9.3 Functions and Call Routines: Reference
Documentation About Commonly Used SAS® Web Report Studio Properties »
This SAS Note explains where you can find information about setting commonly used SAS Web Report Studio properties. These properties are set using either the Configuration Manager in SAS® Management Console, or the LocalProperties.xml file. The documentation indicates which method is appropriate.
How to Add a Line of Text to the Beginning of Every File in a Directory »
This macro adds the word 'text' to the beginning of every file that contains the extension of txt within the c:\temp\ directory. The SAMPLE contains simple instructions for modifying the location and text to suit your needs.

Social Networks in Data Mining: Challenges and Applications
May 10

PharmaSUG 2012
May 13-16
San Francisco, CA
FDA Technical Keynotes Confirmed! 

Getting Started with SAS® Enterprise Miner™
May 18

Analytics 2012
June 14-15
Cologne, Germany

WUSS 2012
Sept. 5-7
Long Beach, CA
Junior Professional Award Deadline July 20 

MWSUG 2012
Sept. 16 – 18
Minneapolis, MN
Call for Papers NOW OPEN! 

SESUG 2012
October 14 – 16
Durham, NC
Call for Papers NOW OPEN! 

SCSUG 2012
Nov. 5-6
Houston, TX

NESUG 2012
Nov. 11 – 14
Baltimore, Maryland
Call for Papers Closing May 11! 
SAS Users Connecting
Congratulations SAS-L Award Winners! »
And, at least once a year, SAS-Lers meet face-to-face to talk about their accomplishments, reminisce about changes, discuss the community's future and give out awards. This year, there was at least one dramatic change and an excited award winner. Read my post to learn more.
SAS Communities Meetup: An Insider's View »
At SAS Global Forum, five or six of the largest SAS user communities North America and Europe gathered to discuss changes during 2011 and evolution plans for 2012 and beyond. Read Chris Battiston's report and learn where you fit in.
Celebrating Your Story
Have you been using SAS for 15, 25 or even 35 years? If you have, we want to hear from you. Here's why – we're launching a new program very soon, the SAS Circle of Excellence. Here are the details.   
New Documentation Available With the release of SAS® Visual Analytics 5.1, high-performance analytics from SAS is getting a lot of attention these days. SAS® Visual Analytics 5.1: User's Guide provides complete information to guide you through accessing, analyzing, and reporting on huge amounts of data quickly. The book shows you how to use the Web or a mobile device to visualize and explore massive amounts of data in seconds, not hours.
Analytics: Putting it All to Work »
Stop struggling with data overload and learn how to develop high-performing analytical business models using state-of-the-art analytics and data mining to better understand your customers. Check out the new course debuting in June!
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