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Dear Readers,

In the January edition, you probably remember that I included some emails from readers - right here in my Editor's Note. That note sparked so much interest that I also posted it to the SAS Users Groups blog. It's quite clear that there are many ways that people can use SAS to accomplish the same thing. In fact, I'd almost say that there is an element of challenge in it for you – when you see a clever way of doing something, perhaps you think to yourself, "I think I can do that without..." Kathryn McLawhorn, Technical Support Analyst at SAS, wrote a very good 2011 SAS Global Forum paper with that thought in mind: Choosing the Road Less Traveled: Performing Similar Tasks with either SAS DATA Step Processing or with Base SAS Procedures .

The key, as McLawhorn writes in her paper, is that each SAS user is working from his or her level of expertise and comfort zone. Here's another example: Angelika Schaffrath Rosario read the November edition and decided to test the %squeeze macro (from Is Your SAS Library a Disk Hog? Here's How to Put it on a Diet) , against a file that she'd already compressed using COMPRESS, an option she prefers. In her case, Rosario said using %squeeze only reduced the file by 5.5 percent.

There are some great opportunities coming your way to discuss your tips and tricks face-to-face with your SAS friends and peers. SAS users events will be starting soon around the globe. Check out the schedule and find a place where you can challenge others to be a better programmer, developer, administrator...

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
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This Chris Hemedinger Twitter message intrigued me, so I clicked on his link: "'ERROR: XLSX is not yet supported by proc export' - that message is SO last year. Meet SAS 9.3M1." It seems that a new capability - improved XLSX support in PROC EXPORT - has made it into this SAS® 9.3 maintenance release. Check it out!
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Tips & Techniques
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One of the most  visible changes in SAS 9.3 is that the default LISTING destination no longer defaults to ODS output. Instead, the default destination is HTML. With a new destination comes a new method for clearing the output window.  Rick Wicklin’s post provides screen shots and example code making the new method clearly understandable.
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In this paper, Rick Langston describe a SAS program that reads an arbitrary HTML stream and create a separate SAS data set for each TABLE definition in the stream.
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SAS Users Connecting
IFSUG Summit »
The Insurance and Finance SAS Users Group Summit is a great place to interact with friends and peers who not only know SAS, but also understand our economic situation, regulatory challenges and the technological hurdles we face. Check out the summit and the users group.
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