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Dear Readers,

Unbelievable: It's already August. When I was a child, my mother used to talk about how time flies when you become an adult, and that I shouldn't wish my life away by always wanting to be older than my years or longing for something that was just beyond my maturity level. I didn't believe her then because it always seemed as though the really fun things were just out of my reach – roller skates, a ten-speed bike, makeup, coed parties, driving.

I've certainly found the worth in her words as I've grown older. It seems as though it was just yesterday that we were planning for SAS Global Forum, and now we are just weeks away from the first US Regional Conference. And there is a long list of SAS Forums around the globe, too. Are you registered? Check here for SAS Forums and here for SAS Users Groups events near you.

While you are at those events, remember those of us who are not there and SHARE. Post your photos on Instagram using the conference hashtag and #sasusers. Many of us are also listening on Twitter, so post your thoughts about the event using the conference hashtag and #sasuser. Finally, write a short blog post about the event for the SAS Users Groups blog. (Send me an email for information about how to post.)

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Seeing the Patterns in Big Data »
While SAS developers are hard at work on the next release of SAS software, Robert Allison is still finding super cool things to do with SAS 9.3. For instance, the alpha-transparency feature turned his big data splotch into a clearer pattern.
Other Uses for User Synchronization Macros »
Brainstorm with Angela Hall on ways that you can use the six user import and synchronization macros that are available in the SAS Foundation directory. She gives you the starting code and her ideas as a kick start.
Getting the Statistics You Need from SAS Enterprise Guide »
Many common statistical procedures are intuitively named in the in SAS Enterprise Guide menus, but what if you want to do something out of the ordinary? Chris Hemedinger has tips for finding the name of the procedure and then navigating SAS Enterprise Guide.
Simulation in SAS: The Slow Way or the BY Way »
Rick Wicklin could write a book of SAS statistics tips. Great news! He is, but until then. One of the most important tips he has to pass along is: Never use a macro loop to create a simulation. Read more about this tip.
Tips & Techniques
Embed Images in a PROC REPORT Table »
The POSTIMAGE style attribute allows you to embed images in a PROC REPORT column based on the value of a variable. (NOTE: You must have SAS/GRAPH licensed in order to run this sample.)
Moving to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9? »
Many organizations are now moving to IE9. If yours is one of them, this SAS Usage Note includes links to the hot fixes you'll need to ensure that SAS Foundation 9.2 M3 and SAS Enterprise BI Server 4.3 are fully supported.
Maintain Macro Variables Across SAS Sessions »
SAS macro variables are deleted at the end of each SAS session. Take a look at this SAS Sample illustrating how to save all global macro variables created within a SAS session and then recreate them in another SAS session.
Direct Stored Process Output to Multiple Spreadsheets »
This SAS Sample Creates a SAS Stored Process that generates multiple spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel when opened using the SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office.
Webcasts & Events

Using Data Mining in Forecasting Problems
Thursday, Aug. 16
1:00 p.m. ET

Social Networks in Data Mining: Challenges and Applications
On demand

WUSS 2012
Sept. 5-7
Long Beach, CA
Regular Registration Ends Aug. 27 

MWSUG 2012
Sept. 16 – 18
Minneapolis, MN
Early Registration Ends Aug. 17 

Analytics 2012
Oct. 8-9
Las Vegas 

ideas 2012
Oct. 8-10
Las Vegas

SESUG 2012
October 14 – 16
Early Registration Ends Aug. 15

SCSUG 2012
Nov. 5-6
Houston, TX
Registration now OPEN! 

NESUG 2012
Nov. 11 – 14
Baltimore, Maryland
Registration now OPEN!
SAS Users Connecting
You’re Invited! »
The SAS Customer Connection on Customer Intelligence will be held October 24-25 at SAS World Headquarters in Cary, NC. Come to the free, knowledge sharing event to talk with fellow marketing practitioners and SAS® Customer Intelligence experts about how to strengthen customer satisfaction and increase loyalty by sharing best practices.
New Community for SAS Drug Development Users »
Our newest community contains great information for users of SAS Drug Development. This community is a bit different from our other communities – it is not for guest (anonymous) users to read. You must have a SAS Web Profile and you must log in to read the contents of this community. Login and check it out.
Propensity Score Matching, Adjustment, and Randomized Experiments »
This course focuses on testing whether the results of a program can be attributed to a given cause: Was the increase in customer sales due to mailing of sales flyers? Was the health improvement due to the new medication? What conclusion can be drawn? Listen to the presenter give an overview of the course.
You’ve Taken a SAS Class – Now What? »
Have you ever taken a SAS class, but left wanting more? Kathy Passerella gives tips for continuing your learning path in SAS.
Getting Certified »
Paul Homes, a certified SAS Platform Administrator, gives tips for getting certified and ideas about the value of certification. Paul writes, "Certification indicates that, in addition to being able to answer the questions, a person is committed to investing in their own career, self-advancement and knowledge acquisition."
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