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Dear Readers,

Did you know that there is a new blog devoted to SAS Users Groups? The blog is dedicated to all events that SAS users will attend, including SAS Global Forum, Phuse, SAS Forums, local users groups and regional events. Check it out.

During the past couple of months, bloggers have been publishing posts from Regional SAS Users Groups events to help you stay abreast of the activities. There is also a new series on the blog called Friday's Innovation Inspiration that has turned into your favorite Friday read.

Here are the top-five posts since September 1:

  1. What's new in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3?
  2. Telecommuting tips for managers and telecommuters
  3. Friday's Innovation Inspiration – SASS
  4. Helping students get the most out of attending their first SAS Users Group Conference
  5. Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Cloning

If you attended a US Regional or a SAS Forum and would like to contribute to the SAS Users Groups blog, send me an email. I'd love to include a post from you telling other SAS users about your experience.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Two Posts about SAS Terms
These two posts are great fun. The first is written by Charu Shankar. She offers Bad words in SAS - PG rating. As you can imagine, this is one of the most popular posts on The SAS Training blog – ever! Poetry on our own terms is from The SAS Dummy. Chris Hemedinger, the blog's author, takes up the challenge to write limericks using the ten terms most often used in SAS documentation. So funny! Enjoy them both.
PharmaSUG Call for Papers!
The Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group is seeking paper submissions for their May 13-16 conference in San Francisco. Sections include Health Outcomes and Epidemiology, Industry Basics, Statistics and Pharmacokinetics. Submissions for CDISC, SDTM and ADaM are also encouraged. Submissions are due by Dec. 23.
SAS Talks Series Expanding »
SAS Talks has been listening to you. Based on your feedback, we have expanded our series of live, monthly webinars to include technical presentations by SAS experts, instructors, authors, customers and students. Past webinars are archived for later viewing, and related resources are offered within each area. Come take a look at our new site.
US Fall Regional Papers
Many of the US Regional SAS Users Groups events are over for 2011 and the proceedings are now online including NESUGMWSUG and WUSS. You can also download the SESUG proceedings as a Zip file. Ross Bettinger, a SAS Tech Report reader from Modern Analytics in San Diego, submitted this paper (one of two),  Is Your SAS Library a Disk Hog? Here's How to Put it on a Diet , as a poster at WUSS. He says this set of macros can squeeze out unnecessary bytes without causing you to lose "any accuracy of numeric variables or the contents of character variables."
Turn YouTube Comments into Gold »
Watch this Analytics 2012 YouTube video from SAS' Murali Pagolu to learn how to use SAS Text Miner® to analyze YouTube comments.
Analytics 2012 »
Analytics 2011 has wrapped up in Orlando and it was a huge success for attendees. Here and here are articles about the sessions and presentations you attended. Now, Analytics 2012 is right around the corner. Don't miss it!
Tips & Techniques
What SAS Administrators Should Know: Libraries, Metadata, SAS® Enterprise Guide® »
This document describes the behaviors of the META engine and its use in SAS Enterprise Guide, and provides
guidance to SAS administrators who would like to see the libraries behave in a certain way. (For SAS 9.2 and SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 and 4.3)

A Quick Tour of SAS Operators »
Have you posed a tricky problem for Miss Answers to answer? She answers questions with in-depth, yet easy to understand terminology that take you back to stats class. In this post, she takes on ** and other symbols in SAS code. You can read all of her past posts here.
Time-Saving Macro
Charu Shankar shares this sample problem and its solution: Given current month and custmths (number of months since customer started their account) in the June 2011 dateset, I want to get date_service_start (sas date value). With half a million records I really want an efficient coding solution that reduces all manual calculation. Check out the solution.
Parameters or SAS Prompts
I noticed a #sastip from Andy Ravenna (@Andy_Ravenna on Twitter) that I thought you could use: #SASTip: Did you know prompts in #SAS #EG used to be called parameters? Learn how to use them in Kenny Sucher's webinar. (Follow #sastip on Twitter for tips from fellow SAS users.)
Webcasts & Events

2011 Winter Simulation Conference
Dec. 11-14

SAS Global
Forum 2012

April 22-25
Orlando, FL
Call for papers – Ends Nov 14!! 

Analytics 2012
June 14-15
Cologne, Germany
SAS Users Connecting
Tweet Leads to New Retail Analytics Book »
While at conferences, Shelley Sessoms posts encouraging tweets to let people know that they can stop by the SAS Publishing booth and talk about the writing a SAS book. At a conference in 2010, Emmett Cox stopped by and now he is releasing a new book. Talk to Sessoms to see how  you could be the next SAS author.
Learning to Use Social Media
One question many SAS users ask me is, “How can I get started in social media?” Here’s a good Four-step plan for getting started with social media 
Intro to Causal Inference »
Learn how to test whether your results can be attributed to a given cause. This course shows students how to analyze data from randomized controlled experiments as well as observational studies by introducing methods like propensity score matching and adjustment.
e-Course Brings Predictive Modeling to Your Desktop »
Learn to quickly and easily create predictive models in the newest e-Course, Rapid Predictive Modeling for Business Analysts. Quizzes and demos reinforce your training.
Create Multidimensional Reports with OLAP Cubes »
This e-Course is ideal for business users who need to create reports based on SAS OLAP data. Learn at your own pace and convenience with this interactive e-Course.
NEW Course in BI »
Creating BI Dashboards Using SAS 9.2 is a brand new course that will provide information on how to build and use SAS BI Dashboard 4.3.  2011/2012 dates now available. Register today!
SAS Statistics by Example »
Ron Cody offers up a cookbook approach for doing statistics with SAS. Structured specifically around the most commonly used statistical tasks or techniques--for example, comparing two means, ANOVA, and regression--this book provides an easy-to-follow, how-to approach to statistical analysis not found in other books.
Web Development with SAS by Example, Third Edition »
Frederick Pratter introduces you to Web programming using real-world examples and SAS Web programming tools. (Updated for SAS 9.2 and SAS Enterprise BI Server 4.3.)
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