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Dear Readers,

For many of you, this is a quiet time of year used for planning and reporting. While you are waiting for the busy time to pick back up, here are the top five most read articles from the SAS Tech Report in 2010:

  1. Have It Your Way: Rearrange and Replay Your Output with ODS DOCUMENT : 
    Cynthia Zender, SAS author and SAS Certified Professional, wows conference audiences with her ODS techniques. Read her paper to learn to customize your documents and folders for a great report.
  2. SAS 1-Liners : At SAS Global Forum 2010, Stephen Hunt's Coder's Corner paper and presentation challenged beginning and experienced SAS programmers to look for new ways to accomplish routine SAS programming tasks stylistically.
  3. Defining an Oracle Library in SAS® Management Console : Follow the steps in this tip to access your Oracle library from SAS Business Intelligence clients.
  4. 5 Things to Make You a More Organized SAS® Programmer : While at SAS Global Forum 2010, I attended Jean Balent's presentation How to Be an Organized SAS Programmer. In the SAS Global Forum Blog Presenters Series, I posted five of her tips.
  5. ODS Tip Sheets : If you work with SAS ODS (Output Delivery System), bookmark this page. It's the end-all for a variety of useful information related to ODS.

Let me know if you think there are other papers that you found very interesting. I'd love to spotlight those papers on Twitter. You can find tips that are spotlighted on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #sastips.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
More than Models: The Data Mining Team »
In her paper from SAS Global Forum 2010, Stephanie Thompson, uses examples from data mining projects to show how incorporating subject matter experts can ensure your project’s success. “Learn how to leverage the knowledge to derive a better conclusion and avoid costly errors.” Early bird rates for SAS Global Forum 2011 end Jan. 15. 
SAS® Architecture for Business Analytics »
This paper illustrates how the SAS architecture provides a core set of capabilities that work together out of the box and can be easily extended to add more functionality or integrated with other parts of your IT infrastructure.
Keeping the Analytical Trenches Fresh »
Cat Truxillo explains in this blog post why statisticians – tinkerers at heart – thrive in environments where "stale knowledge" is discouraged.
SASware Ballot® »
Take some time to fill out the SASware Ballot and vote for enhancements to SAS software and services.
Tips & Techniques
Apply a Format to a Cell or Multiple Cells Within a Row with PROC REPORT »
With PROC REPORT, a CALL DEFINE statement used within a COMPUTE block is a way to change the format of a cell within a column. To apply the format to multiple cells in a row, you need to create a CALL DEFINE statement for each column cell. You can also use a DO loop to loop through each column-id to apply the format. See the sample for example code.
Pass Prompt Values Between Sections in the Same Report with SAS® Web Report Studio »
Since version 2.1, SAS Web Report Studio has enabled you to link reports together. In version 4.2, the features were enhanced for more intuitive maneuvering inside and between reports. Now, learn to use version 4.3's feature: passing hidden values for source reports based on relational data.
Connecting to a Third-Party OLAP server in SAS® Enterprise Guide® »
Follow these six steps (complete with screen shots) to connect to an OLAP server. The first step: "Open SAS Enterprise Guide."
Why can’t SAS read my CSV file? »
Mike Kalt demystifies the use of Common Separated Value data files in SAS with a simple solution.

SAS TALKS presents:
Chris Hemedinger
SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.3

SAS® Global Forum 2011
April 4-7
Las Vegas

PharmaSUG 2011
May 8-11
Nashville, TN
Registration is open!  
SAS Users Connecting
Getting Started in Social Media Social media is like anything else, it requires commitment. Last month, I sent you to the Four-step plan for getting started with social media. Now, take a bolder step with The comment a day challenge by Alison Bolen.
SAS Belux Forum Best Paper Winners have SASonality »
Next in our series of posts about SAS users who are extraordinary are Ragna Préal and Véronique de Vooght. They received the Best Paper award from SAS Belux and were given a trip to SAS Global Forum 2011. Read what they have to say and keep track of others with SASonality, too.
New courses for the New Year »
Get the latest training from SAS; now taking registrations for courses through June 2010. Choose from classroom training or our popular no-travel options: Live Web classroom and e-Learning.
Are you on the right path? »
SAS Learning Paths provide course-by-course recommendations for more than thirty job roles. Use them to choose the route that's right for you.
Technical Resources
Do you like to sample before you buy? »
SAS Press makes one free sample chapter available from every book that we publish for online viewing. We want to provide you with content that will help you find the right books for your needs. You'll also find book reviews, tables of contents and author interviews.
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