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Dear Readers,

I occasionally use this spot to talk about social media or to introduce you to bloggers or someone in your field who uses Twitter. However, I may not fully explain the reasons I try to keep you informed about social media. Did you know that more than 70 percent of companies have a social media marketing strategy? And according to a recent report from eMarketer, US advertisers will spend $1.68 billion on social networking sites this year - a more than 20 percent increase over 2009. That will increase to more than $2 billion by 2011. Organizations like yours and mine can’t ignore those numbers. So SAS and many others are swiftly incorporating social media into their DNA.

I know what you are thinking; “I’m not in marketing!”

That’s just what I mean. At SAS, we aren’t using social media just for marketing. In addition to opening channels for our users to interact with us (Twitter, blogs and discussion forums), we’re asking our SAS professionals to talk with and teach one another online in the same way they do offline at user group meetings and at work. With more than 11,000 SAS employees in more than 50 countries and 400 SAS offices, face-to-face conversations and training can be impractical. Internal blogs, wikis and microblogging platforms are great sources of learning and growth that are part of our professional development plan. These social media platforms offer opportunities to build online relationships that can flourish when we're offline.

Chances are, if your organization hasn’t started similar initiatives, it will soon. Whether you plan to stay at your current job for the duration of your career or you plan to change career paths in the future, it is a good idea to begin sharpening your social media skills to be the first in line for the promotion or job you want. You can get plenty of tips in the Nuts & Bolts section of Conversations and Connections.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.3 is Available »
Chris Hemedinger, software developer in SAS R&D and author of The SAS Dummy, is back from his tour of Australia and has announced the latest version of SAS Enterprise Guide. He has information about all of the bells and whistles and information about how you can get hooked up
SAS® Global Forum 2011 »
April 4-7
Las Vegas
Fun with SAS® Date/Time Formats and Informats »
Randall Reilly’s MWSUG 2009 paper fulfills a common request for more information on SAS date and time formats. MWSUG 2010 advance registration ends Oct. 1. 
Have It Your Way: Rearrange and Replay Your Output with ODS DOCUMENT »
Cynthia Zender, SAS author and SAS Certified Professional, wows conference audiences with her ODS techniques. At WUSS 2009, she presented this paper about customizing your documents and folders for a great report. WUSS 2010 early registration ends Sept. 27.
Join NESUG 2010 Code Clinic »
There’s still time to help with conference, held Nov. 14-17 in Baltimore, by participating in the Code Clinic. You can follow NESUG information on Facebook, LinkedIn, the NESUG blog and the Web.
Tips & Techniques
Stop the JBoss Web-Application Server Immediately in Microsoft Windows Operating Environments »
Under Windows, you can stop a JBoss web-application process immediately by adding a command switch to kill the process. This usage note provides the code and step-by-step instructions.
Understanding the Compression Attribute of a SAS Data Set »
When considering whether to compress your files, factor in the length of your observations, cost of computer use and running time of your jobs. But, read this for a complete understanding of the compression attribute of a SAS data set.
Create a SAS® Web Report Studio Report to Alert Administrators for Report Maintenance »
SAS Web Report Studio 4.2 lets you schedule reports using in-process scheduling. The in-process scheduling server provides information about scheduled jobs in the SAS Web Report Studio log. This sample discusses examination of the log and creation of an alert report.
How to Suppress Repeated Values in a Column Using DATA _NULL_ and ODS »
The BLANK_DUPS=ON option in PROC TEMPLATE will suppress repeated values in a column. This is similar to output created by PROC REPORT when defining variables as GROUP or ORDER. (See the SAS Sample for example code.)
Webcasts & Events

SAS Talks
Getting Started with the Primary Statements
Sept. 23
1:00 - 2:00 p.m. ET

SESUG 2010
Sept. 26-28
Savannah, GA

SAS® Forum
CH 2010

Sept. 30
Trafohalle Baden, Switzerland

SAS Forum Sweden 2010
Oct. 5
Stockholm, Norra Latin

SAS Forum Germany
Oct. 6-7

MWSUG 2010
Oct. 10-12

WUSS 2010
Nov. 3-5
San Diego

SCSUG Educational Forum
Nov 7-9
Austin, TX

NESUG 2010
Nov. 14-17
SAS Users Connecting
Two New SAS Connections
At, there are two new techie blogs. Rick Wicklin’s The DO Loop will focus on SAS/IML and other subjects for statistical and SAS programmers. David Biesack hosts Peer Revue, an insider’s look at the processes SAS uses to create world-class software.
The SAS Dummy Reno »
You know Chris Hemedinger: The SAS Dummy blogger, co-author of SAS for Dummies,   moderator of the SAS Enterprise Guide discussion forum and SAS software manager. Now, read about his SAS makeover. Some of the old goes away, and in its place is a new customer advocacy role.
A New Link to » is making changes to reflect the needs of its members. The site has continued to modernize and as of September, a new Facebook page has been added to the social media lineup.
Intro Courses to Start Your SAS Journey »
New to SAS or know someone else who is? Get up and running in just three days! Whether you plan to program in SAS or point-and-click, there is an intro course for you.
SAS for Customer Experience Analytics: Data Integration »
This course will familiarize you with the solution data model and data integration jobs used to create and support the pre-built OLAP cubes for web reporting. SAS also offers a dedicated Customer Intelligence training path with e-learning, Live Web and classroom offerings.
New! Save up to 40% »
Business analysts, programmers and statisticians can save more when learning to use SAS Enterprise Guide. Our Best Value training packages combine both public classroom and e-Learning options.
Learning Doesn’t End After Class »
Continue learning after class with SAS Extended Learning Pages. Learn more about this exclusive post-class learning opportunity!
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