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Dear Readers,

In the February edition, I said I’d help you keep tabs on the latest SAS Global Forum developments. I’ve just heard that testing is complete on SGF Connect Online. It’s a networking and messaging center – similar to LinkedIn. The difference for us is that this networking tool is built within a community of SAS users - - not the entire social media universe.

If you are attending SAS Global Forum, SGF Connect Online can help you find others who're also attending. You can schedule get togethers with old friends or find a new friend or research connection.

SGF Connect Online is also open to you if you aren’t able to attend the conference. Use the message board year round to stay connected to SAS colleagues, plan presentations, share technical content, ask for help or mentor other SAS users.

Couple SGF Connect Online with the SAS Global Forum Personal Agenda Builder and you will be sure to have a full dance card in Seattle!

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
SAS Talks Technical »
SAS Talks is a new Webinar series featuring technical presentations by SAS experts. Registration opens Mar. 16 for “Modifying ODS Statistical Graphics Templates in SAS®9.2” by Warren Kuhfeld. Presentations are also available on demand.
SAS Global Forum Presenter’s Series »
For SAS Global Forum 2009, we introduced the SAS presenter's series. This year, we’ve expanded it to include users like you. The first, Michael Raithel, is a former NESUG conference chair and former SUGI section chair. In addition to presenting a paper, he’ll be Tuesday’s lunch presenter, an extra fee event.
A Cup of Coffee and Proc FCMP: I Cannot Function Without Them »
Peter Eberhardt’s paper, Best Paper in Application Development MWSUG 2009, instructs how to write, test and distribute data step functions with SAS® 9.2 PROC FCMP. MWSUG 2010 is Oct. 10-12. Call for papers opens Mar. 26.
Advanced Topics in ODS »
At SESUG 2009, Lauren Haworth (SAS Global Forum 2010 chair) presented a “whirlwind tour” of advanced techniques in ODS. She provided tip sheets and covered inline formatting and RTF and PDF features. SESUG 2010, Sept. 26-28 in Savannah, GA, will end its call for papers May 3.
More than Just the Kappa Coefficient »
Michael Cunningham's SAS Global Forum 2009 Best Contributed Paper in Statistics and Data Analysis details a program, “which calculates kappa, but also outputs the observed and expected proportions of agreement, the prevalence and bias indices, and the prevalence adjusted bias adjusted kappa (PABAK) for two raters.” SAS Global Forum  registration ends Apr. 5. 
Tips & Techniques
Searching for PROC »
Have you ever wondered where the SAS PROC encyclopedia lives? Wait until you see this. Think of a PROC, any PROC, and then search A-X to find complete documentation to reference and bookmark.
Alternative to the %DS2CSV Macro »
ODS CSV is SAS’ more user-friendly, flexible alternative to allow you to write output to comma-separated (CSV) files.
Conditionally Produce Tasking Manager Dialog Box »
Whenever a program is running and you want to interrupt it, you can press Ctrl+Break and the Tasking Manager dialog box gives choices for proceeding. Now learn to programmatically produce this.
Count Words, Specific Characters, Specific Substrings within a Text String »
Use the sample code with these BASE Functions - COUNT, COUNTC and COUNTW.
SAS Users Connecting
Are there local users groups in my area? »
Many local user groups (LUG) notify us about upcoming meetings. We make that information available, but suggest verifying the information with the individual group. Check here for information about SAS support for LUGs.
Speaking of Resources »
Renee Harper writes the Key Happenings blog. A couple of weeks ago, she wrote this post about stored processes, which prompts my question, “Surely, you’re subscribed to her blog and following her on Twitter?!”
Don’t Miss Your Daily Dose
The Tip of the Day project continues to generate many new tips. Browse the archived tips to find your favorite tips or ones you might have missed. Twitter users, follow @sasCommunity for your daily Tip of the Day.
SAS Discussion Forums
In the Jan. SAS Tech Report, I asked how you use the SAS discussion forums. Many who filled out the feedback form, overwhelming said you search for information by reading and asking questions. Many also share your SAS wisdom – thank you. Others suggested new forums. We’re still interested in what you think.
Book Review »
The Fourth Edition of The Little SAS® Book is an excellent primer for new SAS users and a great desk reference for more experienced users. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the SAS System, including data integration, manipulation, analysis and reporting.
Dates to Remember

SAS Global Forum 2010
Apr. 11-14

PharmaSUG 2010
May 23-26
Orlando, FL
Early registration ends Apr. 12.

June 7-8
Cary, NC

SESUG 2010
Sept. 26-28
Savannah, GA
Call for papers closes May 3.

MWSUG 2010
Oct. 10-12
Milwaukee, WI
Call for papers opens Mar. 26.

WUSS 2010
Nov 3-5
San Diego, CA
Call for papers opens Apr. 26.

NESUG 2010
Nov. 14-17
Baltimore, MD
Call for papers closes Apr. 30.

SCSUG Educational Forum
Nov 7-9
Austin, TX
Advanced SAS Programming at Your Fingertips
It doesn't get any better for SAS Programmers. SAS e-courses have added three new innovative and interactive courses to their popular line-up. Select from Programming 3, SQL 1 and Macro 1 to learn from the office, home or on the road - your choice.
Attention SAS Global Forum Attendees »
Attending SAS Global Forum? Arrive early for the Pre-conference SAS training courses and certification exams, and you can take advantage of our 20% discount.
Web Analytics Course Debuts in April »
Need a better understanding of Web analytics and intelligence? Learn how to leverage Web site effectiveness and marketing measurements when you attend Web Analytics and Web Intelligence Using SAS®.
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