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Dear Readers,

The MidWest SAS Users Group conference 2010 was held October 10-12, in Milwaukee, WI. A record breaking 375 attendees chose from more than 140 presentations and 11 Super demos. They were also treated to two keynotes including one from Diane Hatcher, a member of the SAS Technology Practice.

One of the mainstays of US regional conferences is the SAS Publishing book drawing. During MWSUG, 10 SAS Press authors drew names of lucky winners who received an autographed copy of their book.

MWSUG 2010 presentations are now available online. A special "Thank you" to Lex Jansen: provides a comprehensive online collection of past conference papers.

Watch for my blog posts from NESUG 2010 on Key Happenings blog. You can also follow all of the NESUG Twitter traffic here. Remember that my Twitter handle is @waynettetubbs.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
What do you think about the new look? »
After much research and many conversations, our team has proposed a new home page design. It's in the beta version now for you to evaluate, so take the survey and give us your feedback. Renee Harper gives more explanation in her blog post on Key Happenings.
Text Analytics: How to Capture the Online Bully »
This blog post by Richard Foley covers a lot of ground. Are you interested in text mining, social media or cyber bullying? Foley explores a possible technological approach that can capture and flag offending comments or messages.
Statistics Can Save You Money: Estimates, Areas, and Arithmetic Means »
Rick Wicklin's post is about an estimate, but not the statistical kind. It also provides yet another example in which the arithmetic mean is not the appropriate measure for a computation.
Parsing Useful Data Out of Unusual Formats Using SAS® »
At NESUG 2009, Andrew T. Kuligowski, from FCCI Insurance Group, gave this hands-on workshop to help users who might occasionally have to deal with data that is in less-than-ideal format. You can also download the example code to work with. NESUG 2010 is Nov. 14-17 in Baltimore, MD.
Tips & Techniques
Subset all Sections in a SAS® Web Report Studio Report »
Use these two small stored processes to seamlessly pass prompt values to all sections of your report. In this way, all sections are automatically subset by the same criteria. The stored process can even be used to subset other reports.
Using Comments Within a Macro »
This note details the three kinds of comments you can use and how you should use them.
SAS Uninstall Wizard (SUW) »
The SAS Uninstall Wizard removes all SAS 9.2 products from Windows operating environments. The tool provides an option from having to manually remove each product by using the Add or Remove Programs tool under Windows.
Examples of Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® Automation »
SAS Enterprise Guide Automation enables you to build a VBScript (.vbs) to execute part or all of a project. Then use the Windows Scheduler Task to execute when you specify. Several complete examples are included.
Technical Resources
Combining & Modifying SAS Data Sets: Examples, Second Edition »
Updated for SAS®9, this second edition addresses tasks that nearly every SAS programmer does - ensuring data errors are found and corrected. This book develops and demonstrates data cleaning programs and macros that you can modify or use as is.
Webcasts & Events

That’s Not What I Meant: Adventures in Defining New Variables
Nov. 11
1-2 p.m. EST

NESUG 2010
Nov. 14-17

SAS® Global Forum 2011
April 4-7
Las Vegas
SAS Users Connecting
Introducing our SASonality »
Do you know a SAS presenter with SASonality? Someone other users should know more about? I'm writing about those types in SAS Global Forum blog and I'd like to know who you want to get to know. Send me your list.
Where do you look?
When you have a question, where do you look for the answer? Did you know that there are 17 active discussion forums on If you’ve never used a forum, the Key Happenings blog offers some advice.
Your Million and One Uses of SAS »
It seems that every interesting SAS user has an exciting new way that he or she has used SAS. Some colleagues and I have an idea of how to put some of those really crazy, wacky or cool stories on Read this post to learn more!
Seeking a SAS credential? »
SAS Global Certification Program Manager Terry Barham provides insight into selecting and preparing for a SAS certification exam in this short video tip.
Need to improve your core SAS® skills? »
See firsthand why SAS Foundation courses comprise the Top 5 of our Top 10 most popular courses. Course dates for 2011 are available online.
Stretch Your Training Dollars »
Save up to 31% on training by purchasing blocks of pre-paid training units with the Enterprise Professional Training Offer (EPTO).
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