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Dear Readers,

In 2009, SAS Global Forum introduced the Personal Agenda Builder, an online calendar builder that allowed conference attendees to browse presentations by date, time, etc. I used the Personal Agenda Builder to narrow my choices, and I'll use do the same this year with the more than 375 presentations, plus lunch speakers, keynotes and parties. Attendees can save an agenda for Seattle. You can also create a temporary agenda to support your business case for the trip.

Pre-conference is a good time to remind you: SAS CIO Suzanne Gordon spoke at several 2009 SAS regional user conferences about making the most of every opportunity - including conference networking. A new round of conferences is beginning. Dust off your business cards and update your LinkedIn profile. Use this conference season to connect with colleagues and SAS professionals in your industry. Follow me on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Save Big on F2010 »
Register early and get $200 off the full conference fee when you register and pay by March 12.
A Simple Macro to Flag New or Changed Records »
In a study with many subjects, listing reviews may be needed many times. For efficiency, you can use a simple macro to show what is new or changed. Zhuo Chen and David Gray’s paper won Best Paper in Data Management and Quality at the 2009 PharmaSUG in Portland, OR. PharmaSUG 2010 is May 23-26 in Orlando, FL.
Why Use In-Database Procedures with Teradata »
SAS® In-Database processing helps address performance and security challenges of an external database by moving computational tasks closer to the data and improving integration between SAS and the database management system. And, take a look at further reducing time to results with SAS® Scoring Accelerator.
Tips & Techniques
Change Background Area and Grid Line Colors for ODS GRAPHICS Output »
SAS customers frequently ask how to change the background color both outside and inside of the axis area and the color of the grid lines. Sample code is provided as illustration.
Determine Variables Data Sets Have in Common »
PROC COMPARE only gives you the number of common variables and can only evaluate two data sets at a time. This method uses DATA step logic and can also be used to determine common variable values across data sets.
Retrieve the Number of Observations in a Data Set »
This sample uses %SYSFUNC and the ATTRN function to retrieve the number of observations from the SAS data set located in the OPEN function.
Determine Which Characters the ANY* and NOT* Functions Find »
This usage note includes code to help you determine which characters the ANY and NOT functions find during your session of SAS.
Webcast & Events

SAS Global
Forum 2010

Apr. 11-14
Seattle, WA

PharmaSUG 2010
May 23-26

Predictive Analytics World
15% discount
Feb. 15-17
San Francisco
SAS Users Connecting
Here’s your chance!
The SAS Global Forum planners want your ideas! Tell them what you want to see, hear and do at future SAS Global Forum Events on this page.
SAS Discussion Forums »
There are now 17 discussion forums, all current, with views nearing 1 million. How do you use the forums? Are they a first stop for information or a “coffee shop” environment of like-minded peers? Maybe you’re a trusted advisor? The support team and I would like to know.
Pre-Conference Training, Certification Exams »
SAS Education will offer pre-conference training and certification exams at SAS Global Forum 2010 in Seattle. SAS Global Forum 2010 registrants are eligible for a special 20% discount on pre-event SAS training courses and certification exams.
SAS® Functions by Example »
Ron Cody delivers the essential course on SAS functions! Beginning and seasoned SAS users will benefit from this two-day course based on his best-selling book.
What are SAS® Learning Paths? »
SAS instructor Raymond Thomas explains how SAS Learning Paths can help you find the specific training that you need in this video interview.
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