Security Intelligence

An enterprise approach to fraud, compliance and security

Proactive protection of your data. Network. Economic assets. And community.

Organizational, national and public security threats are a fact of life and always will be. So how can you find them and stop them early in their development? The answer is SAS® Security Intelligence. With SAS, you get solid protection tailored for your industry – banking, insurance, health care or public sector. You can finally unify how organizational silos deal with security-related matters. Adopt an enterprisewide strategy built on an advanced analytics foundation. Improve detection and prevention efforts. And streamline investigations. As a result, you can safeguard your data and network. Your funds and reputation. Your nation and your people.

Cybersecurity challenges are a given. But the threat landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Get your hands on key findings for cybersecurity in a growing world of mobile services.

What people are saying


"The implementation of such groundbreaking technology and its impact inspires confidence and gratitude among our customers."


"SAS has contributed toward a 75% reduction in fraud losses, to a quarter of what they were at their peak a couple of years ago. That is a real, bottom-line saving that we are making."


The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Fraud Management, Q1 2013 report

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