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From traditional analysis of variance and linear regression to Bayesian inference and high-performance modeling tools for massive data, SAS/STAT meets both specialized and enterprisewide statistical needs. You get proven and tested techniques you can depend on for accurate results, now and in the future.


Apply the latest statistical techniques to any size of data.

With an accelerated release schedule, SAS/STAT keeps pace with new methods emerging from the rapidly expanding field of statistics. Included are exact techniques for small data sets, high-performance statistical modeling tools for large-data tasks and modern methods for analyzing data with missing values.


Take advantage of our technical support and web user communities.

Have a question and need answers quickly? Our technical support is staffed by highly experienced statisticians who provide a level of service and knowledge rarely found with other software vendors. You can also use our web user communities to ask questions and share experiences.

Depend on proven, validated algorithms.

SAS has nearly four decades of experience developing advanced statistical analysis software and an established reputation for delivering superior, reliable results. You can produce code that is easily documented and verified to meet corporate and governmental compliance requirements.

Simplify with a single environment.

You get integrated software so you can access and manage data, build and deploy statistical models, and readily understand your results using hundreds of built-in graphs. And, metadata is stored in a centralized repository, so it’s easy to incorporate SAS/STAT models with other SAS solutions.



Statistical Analysis
  • Analysis of variance
  • Bayesian analysis
  • Categorical data analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Exact methods
  • Mixed models
  • Multivariate analysis

  • Nonparametric analysis
  • Psychometric analysis
  • Regression
  • Survey sampling and analysis
  • Survival analysis
  • Statistical graphics
  • And more!

New Zealand Ministry of Health
SAS is the only tool that is able to deal with the amount of number crunching that we require. Some of the data sets we use are very large with more than 1 million rows of data per month. Sometimes we need to go back 10 years, so we're looking at working with over 100 million rows of data. SAS is the best tool to enable this.

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