Data virtualization tools provide a secure, business-centric virtual view of your data without moving it.

A centralized, flexible, high-performance analytics environment.

Virtualized data layer 

Create federated source data names to enable users to access multiple data sources via the same connection.

Centralized administration

Use the web-based administrative console for simplified maintenance of user access, privileges and authorizations.

On-demand data quality

Apply data quality functions such as match-code generation, parsing and other tasks inside the view. 

Improved performance with in-memory data caches & scheduling

Lets you keep application queries current and available to users – and reduce loads on operational systems.

Secured information with data masking & encryption

Enables you to define access permissions for a user or group at the catalog, schema, table, column and row levels.

Get the agility, accessibility and flexibility you need as part of your data virtualization strategy.

Govern views with unprecedented security. 

Advanced data masking and encryption capabilities let you determine not only who’s authorized to view your data, but also what they see on an extremely granular level. It all helps ensure sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Apply data quality functions on demand. 

Since data quality should be at the forefront of any data-related tasks, SAS Federation Server enables you to apply data quality functions such as parsing, matching, and gender or identification analysis in real time as the view is generated.

Easily maintain data with centralized controls. 

A centralized, web-based console makes it easy to graphically administer, monitor and maintain connections and data caches. And with shared metadata that spans your data management and analytics solutions, you can keep everyone in your organization on the same page.

Get consistent access to multiple data sources.

By providing a data virtualization layer, SAS Federation Server helps you access underlying data sources such as Hadoop, Netezza, SAP HANA, Hive and Impala. There's no need to create separate access strategies for each data source.


Big Data Matters

The proliferation of internal and external data sources shows no signs of slowing down, thanks to cheap storage costs and the rise of big data technologies like Hadoop. All that data can mean better insights – if IT departments can keep up with the onslaught of reporting requests from business users.

In Big Data Virtualization With SAS Federation Server – the fourth webinar in our Big Data Matters on-demand webinar series – you’ll learn how data federation tools can help you:

  • Improve governance with centralized security and auditing capabilities.
  • Respond faster to reporting requests.
  • Give business users easy access to the data they need.

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