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SAS® Viya® Developer Trial

Try coding with SAS® for free!

If you're a data scientist or developer, don't miss your chance to try coding with SAS using your language of choice – SAS, Python or R.

About the Trial

  • There's nothing to download. All you need is a browser (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11).
  • We provide sample data and code demo scripts for exploring the software's capabilities.
  • Help is readily available from videos, documentation and an online community. 
  • You'll get eight hours to explore the software. If you need more time, no problem; just save your work locally, and start a new trial.
  • The trial gives you access to these SAS software solutions running on SAS Viya – SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, SAS® Econometrics, SAS® Optimization, and SAS® Visual Forecasting.

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Please note: The trial is only available in English.


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