SAS® Credit Assessment Manager

Exposure selection for individual assessments

  • Rules-driven process for filtering loans and other credit exposures for individual assessment.
  • Ability to manually add counterparties for individual assessment.
  • Visualization of selection rules used for each monthly run.
  • Rules for establishing validity of prior individual assessments.

Individual assessment decisioning

  • Questionnaire-based decisioning for both retail and commercial loans.
  • Supports restaging of individual loans.
  • Rule-based triggers.

Comprehensive workflow and analytics

  • Iterative, workflow-driven processes involving available cash flows, likelihood of various economic scenarios, available and matched collateral, and other cash sources.
  • Alignment of data and analytics.
  • Mapping of results to debt-servicing options.

Complete audit trail

  • Documentation of decisions.
  • Includes all required records and artifacts from modification through foreclosure.
  • Transparent assessment processes.

Loan contamination

  • Link exposures to specific counterparties.
  • Identify contamination and interconnected risks.

Reliable data

  • Aggregate internal and external data sources.
  • Map to IFRS 9 and CECL collective assessment data.