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  • Arrow Company Profile Arrow is a global provider of products, services, and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. Arrow also serves as a supply channel partner for over 100,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and commercial customers through a global network of more than 470 locations in 55 countries.
  • SAS/ACCESS® Software

    An out-of-the-box solution for easy integration between SAS and third-party databases, SAS/ACCESS software delivers seamless read and write access to your data, regardless of where it’s stored. You can reach your data from a common interface as though it were a SAS data file, giving you a fast, secure way to manage your business information.

  • SAS® Analytics Accelerator for Teradata SAS Analytics Accelerator for Teradata allows a core set of SAS statistical and analytical functions used for data summarization, discovery and predictive modeling to be executed directly within the database environment. It includes predictive modeling algorithms as well as the preliminary tasks of optional sampling, statistical transformations, variable selection and dimension reduction to derive better models.
  • SAS® Analytics Pro With its powerful, proven toolset, users can access data from nearly any source, analyze it and transform it into meaningful, usable information. And then present the information in high-impact visuals that allow decision makers to gain a quick understanding of critical issues.
  • SAS® Analytics Pro for Midsize Business In most small to midsize organizations, IT resources are scarce and data needed to answer key business questions is stored in multiple formats, applications and systems that don’t communicate with each other. Decision makers have different views of data, and at times they can’t clearly see connections or hidden relationships that could help them make better decisions. To access the data they need, business analysts usually must ask the IT department to create custom extracts. Even after the data is accessed, they lose precious time as they analyze it piece by piece and look for a meaningful way to present the results to others.
  • SAS® Analytics for Containers

    SAS Analytics for Containers provides the ability to easily deploy SAS Analytics within container-enabled infrastructures, including Docker and Kubernetes, which are often run in the cloud. Users can interact with their customized container of SAS software using SAS Studio, a browser-based interface, or Jupyter Notebook – an open source notebook-style interface.

  • SAS® Anti-Money Laundering

    Take a risk-based approach to monitoring transactions for potential money-laundering and terrorist-financing activities.

  • SAS® AppDev Studio™ A comprehensive environment for cost-effectively developing superior analytic and reporting applications and solutions
  • SAS® Asset Performance Analytics

    SAS Asset Performance Analytics is part of the SAS Quality Analytic Suite that provides an enterprise view of quality performance to help manage the cost of quality, achieve quality excellence and increase customer satisfaction. It improves the utilization of high-capital equipment. It analyzes sensor data and M2M data to identify hidden patterns that indicate probable failures.


  • Base SAS® Software Flexible and extensible fourth-generation programming language designed for data access, transformation and reporting
  • SAS® Border Management

    Border management agencies are faced with a constant balancing act among security, convenience and cost. They need to decide whether to carry out checks on huge numbers of travelers, resulting in long delays and inconvenience or – if they scale down the checks – risk letting in travelers and cargo.


  • Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner™ Credit Scoring for SAS Enterprise Miner is used to build, validate and deploy credit risk models. It helps create credit scorecards using in-house expertise and resources to decide whether to accept an applicant (application scoring); to determine the likelihood of defaults among customers.
  • SAS/CONNECT® Software Maximize computing resources and manage distributed applications
  • SAS® Campaign Management SAS Campaign Management lets you get more campaigns out the door in an automated, trackable and easy-to-repeat way. You can quickly define target segments, prioritize selection rules, select communication channels, schedule and execute campaigns, analyze campaign results and easily make adjustments to improve future campaign performance.
  • SAS® Capital Planning and Management (Banking)

    SAS Capital Planning and Management creates an integrated and interlinked capital planning environment for combining bankwide data from both risk and finance systems.

  • SAS® Capital Planning and Management (Insurance)

    SAS Capital Planning and Management creates an integrated environment to assess and project capital for insurance companies by summarizing data and offering custom reports to different capital planning users to align business planning processes and capital projects with income statements and balance sheets.  

  • SAS® Capital Requirements for Market Risk

    SAS Capital Requirements for Market Risk addresses the Basel d352 regulation, Minimum Capital Requirements for Market Risk, formerly known as FRTB. The solution provides prebuilt modules to calculate the Standardized Approach for market risk as well as the Internal Models Approach. Risk classes include credit, interest rates, FX, equity and commodity risk. It also calculates additional risk measures as defined by the regulation. Risk managers and analysts can review their positions for each legal entity and desk.   

  • SAS® Clinical Data Integration

    SAS® Clinical Data Integration helps you organize, standardize and manage clinical research data and metadata. It brings repeatability and automation to the process of transforming, managing and verifying the creation of industry-mandated data standards, such as CDISC.   

  • SAS® Collaborative Planning Workbench

    SAS Collaborative Planning Workbench provides a set of interactive “gap” monitoring, tracking and reporting capabilities with alerts to guide organizations through the consensus forecasting process, giving them more accurate results with meaningful support information.  

  • SAS® Communications Analytics Architecture SAS Communications Analytics Architecture provides a robust business analytics framework tailored to the unique business intelligence and analytical needs of communication service providers (CSPs). The analytics architecture supports all CSP lines of business – both pre-paid and post-paid billing scenarios and modern billing approaches.
  • SAS® Contextual Analysis

    With SAS Contextual Analysis, you can quickly derive insight from your text data by categorizing documents, extracting facts and understanding document sentiment – all from a single interface. You can also define rules without creating a training corpus.

  • SAS® Cost and Profitability Management SAS Cost and Profitability Management is an analytic application that models business processes to determine cost and profitability, as well as what drives them. The solution provides answers to questions about precise process or activity costs, and the profitability of customers, products and distribution channels.
  • SAS® Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics SAS Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics brings together disparate offender data from multiple sources and agencies to deliver comprehensive information to a vast array of criminal justice professionals.
  • SAS® Customer Analytics for Communications SAS® Customer Analytics for Communications turns raw data into insights about future customer behavior. The solution illuminates behavior patterns hidden in large volumes of data spread across multiple systems. It alerts you to customers who are likely to purchase a new product or upgrade service, customers who are likely to leave and customers who should be targeted in a campaign.
  • SAS® Customer Experience Targeting SAS Customer Experience Targeting enables you to target and deliver offers to customers who have interacted with your organization via the Web. The solution captures the customer's online behavior at a detailed level, combines that data with data from other channels, and delivers offers in an outbound batch style campaign execution mode.
  • SAS® Customer Link Analytics SAS Customer Link Analytics enables marketers to analyze social networks and identify relationships among customers, and then use that information for more accurate profiling and segmentation. The solution gives marketers greater insight into customer behavior and an enhanced understanding of the social influence that individual customers have on others within their communities.


  • SAS® Data Governance

    SAS Data Governance helps maintain a consistent set of policies and processes for corporate information – including big data sets in Hadoop and Impala. So you’ll spend less time managing your data – and more time managing your business.




  • SAS® Data Integration Server A complete solution designed to meet your data integration needs
  • SAS® Data Integration for Midsize Business SAS Data Integration for Midsize business is a simple, flexible solution that ensures data credibility and consistency and enables organizations to easily manage all their data integration projects while reducing costs and increasing overall productivity.
  • SAS® Data Loader for Hadoop

    Take control of your data with self-service data preparation.         

  • SAS® Data Management

    SAS Data Management helps transform, integrate, govern and secure data while improving its overall quality and reliability.    

  • SAS® Data Quality

    Maintain high-quality data to confidently fuel daily business operations, compliance and analytics initiatives.

  • SAS® Data Quality for Midsize Business Learn the details about SAS Data Quality for Midsize Business, its features and capabilities.
  • SAS® Data Surveyor for Oracle Applications Providing the environment to turn Oracle Applications data into mission-critical intelligence
  • SAS® Data Surveyor for SAP

    SAS Data Surveyor for SAP provides data integration designers with the ability to search, navigate and extract SAP data without the need to understand complex SAP data structures – and integrate and analyze this data within SAS solutions.

  • SAS® Decision Manager

    Improve efficiency by automating operational business decisions. 

  • SAS® Demand Forecasting for Retail Outperform the competition and improve business results with SAS’ next-generation demand forecasting platform.
  • SAS® Desktop Data Mining for Midsize Business This material will be used to promote Enterprise Miner on Desktop through resellers. It includes full details as to analytic features/functionality for desktop product set. The material has been rewritten to emphasis terms and ideas such as: low cost, affordable, easy, user-based.
  • SAS® Digital Marketing Customer-focused, cross-channel marketing that aligns with your broader marketing strategy
  • SAS® Drug Development A secure, collaborative analytics environment to manage the development and sharing of clinical data analyses.


  • SAS/ETS® Software

    SAS/ETS offers a broad array of econometric, time series and forecasting techniques enabling you to model, forecast and simulate business processes on observational data for improved strategic and tactical planning.

  • SAS® EVAAS® for K-12

    SAS EVAAS for K-12 provides valuable information about past practices and reports on students’ predicted success probabilities at numerous academic milestones.

  • SAS® Energy Forecasting

    In the highly competitive and regulated utility business environment, there’s a clear link between the company’s bottom line and forecast accuracy and reliability. But most legacy load forecasting solutions were not designed to handle the variability, complexity and volumes of data emerging in the utility landscape today. These solutions also lack the automation to permit appropriate model selection for each type of forecast required.

  • SAS® Enterprise BI Server Provides a fast, flexible business intelligence solution
  • SAS® Enterprise GRC SAS Enterprise GRC provides an integrated platform for standardizing and managing strategic and operational risks, as well as consolidating information from all financial risk management systems (credit risk, market risk, etc.) into an enterprisewide view of risk. The solution links your GRC functions to strengthen governance and foster trust by aligning GRC principles with business objectives and strategy execution.
  • SAS® Enterprise Guide® Delivering the power of SAS Analytics and reporting from an easy-to-use, point-and-click Windows interface
  • SAS® Enterprise Miner™

    SAS Enterprise Miner streamlines the data mining process to create highly accurate predictive and descriptive models based on analysis of vast amounts of data gathered from across an enterprise.

  • SAS® Enterprise Miner™ for Desktop

    A powerful data mining workbench delivered to your desktop for better decision making

  • SAS® Event Stream Processing

    SAS Event Stream Processing captures the real-time value of big data before it’s lost through information lag. It continuously queries data in motion (i.e., event streams) to detect patterns and analyze events so you can take immediate action.

  • SAS® Expected Credit Loss

    SAS Expected Credit Loss can help banks meet the computational challenges and tight timelines of the new impairment accounting standards, while reducing implementation and execution risks. Banks will be able to create, test and manage large numbers of complex forecasting and analytical models, ensuring process transparency and auditability along with instilling strong model governance.


  • SAS® Factory Miner

    SAS Factory Miner provides a web-based, automated environment for building, comparing and retraining predictive models. 

  • SAS® Federation Server

    Big data is now a reality of doing business, which means many organizations are now desperate for an easy, efficient way to manage it. SAS® Federation Server empowers business users to access and manage their data by providing a virtual layer or view, giving users the appropriate level of control over their data without physically moving it. And with data masking capabilities as well as auditability, SAS Federation Server provides a high level of information security.

  • SAS® Field Quality Analytics 6.2

    SAS Field Quality Analytics provides early warning of quality problems and reduces the time to identify a root cause to help minimize the size and scope of campaigns and recalls. It integrates all of the relevant field quality data from warranty systems.

  • SAS® Financial Management

    Improve the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of financial plans, budgets and reports

  • SAS® Forecast Analyst Workbench

    SAS Forecast Analyst Workbench provides an analytics-based framework for creating a demand-driven weighted consensus forecast that automates and manages information exchange between everyone involved in the SOP process.  

  • SAS® Forecast Server

    Quickly produce large numbers of forecasts automatically to improve planning and decision making

  • SAS® Forecasting for Desktop

    SAS Forecasting for Desktop automatically generates forecasts to help you plan more efficiently and effectively. It includes a complete model repository with a full range of forecasting methods; automated statistical forecast model selection and optimization; hierarchical reconciliation; event modeling.

  • SAS® Forecasting for Midsize Business SAS Forecasting for Midsize Business is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that provides comprehensive forecasting capabilities to generate highly reliable forecasts in a PC environment.
  • SAS® Fraud Framework for Insurance

    SAS Fraud Framework for Insurance allows you to detect, prevent and manage both opportunistic and professional fraud across multiple lines of business. It includes components for fraud detection, alert management and case management, along with the ability to uncover hidden relationships among fraudsters so you can focus on stopping the highest-value fraud networks.   


  • SAS/GRAPH® Software Present data in charts, graphs and maps within multiple business intelligence applications
  • SAS® Grid Manager SAS Grid Manager uses a patented technology to deliver enterprise-class capabilities that enable many SAS solutions to automatically use a centrally managed grid computing infrastructure to provide workload balancing, high availability and parallel processing for business analytics jobs and processes.


  • SAS® High-Performance Risk SAS High-Performance Risk calculates firmwide risk exposure with speed and precision across all risk types – market, credit and liquidity – on an intraday or near-real-time basis.


  • SAS/IML® Software

    An interactive matrix programming language for creating custom analyses with integration to R.

  • SAS/IntrNet® Software Web-enable your SAS reports and applications
  • SAS® IT Resource Management Optimize IT resource capacity and performance across the enterprise
  • SAS® In-Memory Statistics

    SAS® In-Memory Statistics provides a single interactive programming environment for the entire analytical life cycle. It enables you to perform data management, variable transformations, exploratory analysis, statistical modeling using machine-learning techniques, integrated modeling comparison and scoring.

  • SAS® Information Delivery Portal Using the power of SAS to securely deliver information to the entire enterprise and beyond
  • SAS® Integration Technologies Expand your choices for integrating SAS analytics and reporting
  • SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers is a complete online publishing solution that includes sales order management, simulation-based forecasting, ad serving and business intelligence capabilities to help you make better-informed decisions faster across your entire business.
  • SAS® Inventory Optimization Workbench

    SAS Inventory Optimization Workbench helps organizations automate and optimize inventory distribution by providing the ability to take a forecast and calculate optimized inventory levels and order quantities at every level to maintain adequate stock, maximize response times, increase revenue, reduce carrying costs and improve customer satisfaction. 


  • SAS® Life Science Analytics Framework

    SAS Life Sciences Analytics Framework affords a singular foundation in clinical research – paving the way for the efficient development, execution and management of analysis and reporting of clinical trials through a hosted environment.


  • SAS® Market Risk Management for Insurance

    This solution enables insurance companies to perform asset valuation, portfolio allocation and risk management analysis in a flexible, configurable and high-performance environment. Integrate, manage and analyze data, run multiple models and quantify the risks underlying a market portfolio. 

  • SAS® Marketing Automation

    SAS Marketing Automation lets you get more campaigns out the door in an automated, trackable and highly repeatable fashion. You can quickly define target segments, prioritize selection rules, select communication channels, schedule and execute campaigns, analyze campaign results and easily make adjustments to improve future campaign performance.   

  • SAS® Marketing Automation for SAP HANA

    SAS Marketing Automation for SAP HANA is a comprehensive solution for planning, testing and executing marketing campaigns in a way that improves marketing efficiency and effectiveness.  

  • SAS® Marketing Mix Advisor SAS Marketing Mix Advisor enables you to maximize your marketing results by more frequently analyzing your mix of advertising and promotions. With more frequent insights and SAS' what-if scenario planning, you can optimize your mix of promotions and media to achieve optimal return on your investment.
  • SAS® Marketing Operations Management

    SAS Marketing Operations Management provides an integrated marketing platform that streamlines and automates marketing processes and workflows to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness. The solution includes capabilities for strategic planning and financial management; digital asset distribution.

  • SAS® Marketing Optimization

    Better campaign returns through analytical optimization

  • SAS® Master Data Management

    SAS Master Data Management can be a key factor in your organization’s success. It helps improve and manage data and delivers business insight that might otherwise stay buried in disorganized, duplicate information. And since SAS enables you to take a phased approach to MDM, you can start small and build out from there, delivering value and gradually gaining executive buy-in.

  • SAS® Mobile BI As a crucial component of SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Mobile BI delivers analytical results and reports to mobile devices, providing on-the-go business users with a quick and easy way to interact with important information from anywhere, anytime. Users are able to use their iPads and Android tablets.
  • SAS® Model Implementation Platform

    SAS Model Implementation Platform provides a controlled environment where risk models of all types can be implemented very quickly to meet the rigors of enterprise-level risk assessments such as stress testing.


  • SAS® Model Manager

    Manage analytical model collections and put champion models into production quickly with this web-based tool.   

  • SAS® Model Risk Management

    Understand and control your model risk through a fully integrated model management life cycle. 


  • SAS® New Product Forecasting

    SAS New Product Forecasting provides an objective basis for predicting new product demand. A patent-pending process assembles and mines historical data, combining statistical analysis with an organizations business expertise.   


  • SAS/OR® Software

    Optimize business processes and address management science challenges with enhanced operations research methods.

  • SAS® OLAP Server A multidimensional data store designed to provide quick access to presummarized data
  • SAS® Offer Optimization for Communications SAS Offer Optimization for Communications provides a highly efficient method to arrive at the optimal offer for each customer in advance of a customer interaction.
  • SAS® Office Analytics

    SAS Office Analytics enables businesses of all sizes to access the power of SAS Analytics and high-performance tools using familiar, Windows-based interface. Analysts can easily share findings. Executives can track performance from within their email or SharePoint portal. Credentialed users can embed analytics results directly into Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or PowerPoint presentations, and update charts and views directly from their Office applications.

  • SAS® Office Analytics for Midsize Business Transparently leverage the power of SAS® for data access, reporting and analytics directly from Microsoft Office environments


  • SAS® Production Quality Analytics

    This solution delivers a reporting, monitoring and alerting solution that provides manufacturers with a holistic view of quality across the enterprise through advanced analytic and reporting technologies. It combines the power of data integration, automation and analytics to create the most unbiased insight into large-scale manufacturing processes which helps companies improve quality while better understanding and managing costs.


  • SAS/QC® Software

    Powerful tools that support quality improvement across entire organizations


  • SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager

    SAS Real-Time Decision Manager combines SAS Analytics with business logic and contact strategies to deliver enhanced real-time recommendations and decisions to interactive customer channels, such as websites, call centers, point of sale (POS) locations and automated teller machines (ATMs).   

  • SAS® Regulatory Risk Management

    SAS Regulatory Risk Management provides a data-driven approach to the implementation of the Basel II and Basel-III Capital Accord and Capital Requirements Directives (CRD) for all three credit risk approaches (Standardized, IRB Foundation and IRB Advanced.) It’s also capable of Basel I regulatory calculations based on static risk-weight approach.  

  • SAS® Retail Forecasting SAS Retail Forecasting is a sophisticated solution that predicts consumer response to price changes, promotional and marketing activity to generate a demand forecast at the store level.
  • SAS® Retail Space Management SAS provides a scalable and complete retail space management solution that supports all of your space planning and optimization needs, increasing effectiveness and response times.
  • SAS® Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting

    SAS Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting is a software offering that consists of a suite of products and a library of SAS® deployment and administrative documentation. The modern risk data governance, aggregation, and reporting architecture gives banking users: • the ability to manage and execute business rules • a dashboard that provides up-to-date quality numbers and access to all data • in-memory aggregation and the ability to access data at the lowest level of granularity • support for all risk aggregations (banking and trading book) • the ability to develop dashboards for reporting and visualizing data 

  • SAS® Risk Management for Banking SAS® Risk Management for Banking is a complete, integrated and firmwide solution for risk management in the banking sector. Based on SAS software’s core functionality, the solution covers the entire spectrum of risk types – including market risk, credit and liquidity risk.
  • SAS® Risk Modeling Workbench

    SAS Risk Modeling Workbench enables banks to establish a structured modeling process and support quantitative analysts who need to develop models for stress testing purposes with better transparency, governance and documentation.   

  • SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench

    The SAS Risk and Finance Workbench provides a web-based environment in which analysts can orchestrate the stress testing process, specify scenarios, and consolidate modeling results into balance sheets, financial statements, and capital plans. It serves as a central hub from which banks can orchestrate the various aspects of the stress testing process and consolidate results from the various systems. The solution is linked to other components of the stress testing system through a centralized inventory of models and stress testing data repository. 


  • SAS/STAT® Software

    From traditional analysis of variance and linear regression to Bayesian inference and high-performance modeling tools for massive data, SAS/STAT software provides tools for both specialized and enterprisewide analytical needs.

  • SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server® A data storage system optimized to deliver data subsets quickly and on demand
  • SAS® Scoring Accelerator

    SAS Scoring Accelerator enables customers to translate scoring models created in SAS Enterprise Miner into database-specific functions to be deployed and then executed directly within the database environment.

  • SAS® Sentiment Analysis Automatically pinpoint sentiment from the Web and internal electronic documents to understand trends and develop effective strategies
  • SAS® Service Parts Optimization Fact Sheet to describe SAS® Service Parts Optimization, which enables companies to optimize their service parts inventories over a multi-echelon service network to maximize targeted service levels while minimizing costs. The solution provides service organizations the ability to forecast short-term, new-part and lifecycle parts demand, as well as calculate optimized inventory and order quantities for parts distribution systems, thus helping maintain adequate stock levels, maximize response times and improve customer satisfaction.
  • SAS® Simulation Studio

    Simulate and understand complex systems with interactive discrete-event simulation modeling and analysis. 

  • SAS® Size Optimization Combining SAS® Size Profiling and SAS® Pack Optimization to improve store-level sales, increase margins and lower operating costs.
  • SAS® Space Planning Deliver more targeted and effective space plans to increase sales.
  • SAS® Studio

    SAS Studio gives you the ability to step away from your desk while remaining in contact with your SAS server on your laptop. It's a web browser-based development interface with an available, assistive framework to help you get your SAS jobs done quickly and easily. 


  • SAS® and Teradata Data Quality Advantage Program SAS® Data Quality Accelerator for Teradata is the ultimate way for Teradata customers to improve and maintain the quality of their data. There's no need to extract your data for quality improvements – the process takes place directly in Teradata, where your data already resides.


  • SAS® Underwriting Risk Management for P&C Insurance

    The solution enables companies to perform loss estimation, reserving and risk management analysis within a single, flexible and high-performance analytics environment. Analysts can blend actuarial and financial techniques to value P&C insurance liabilities using an internal model approach.

  • SAS® University Edition

    SAS University Edition is free SAS software that can be used for teaching and learning statistics and quantitative methods. It is useful in such areas as economics, psychology and other social sciences, computer science, business, medical/health and engineering.      


  • SAS® Visual Analytics

    SAS Visual Analytics provides a complete platform for analytics visualization, enabling you to identify patterns and relationships in data that weren’t initially evident. Interactive, self-service BI and reporting capabilities are combined with out-of-the-box advanced analytics so everyone can discover insights from any size and type of data, including text.   

  • SAS® Visual Data Discovery SAS Visual Data Discovery, powered by JMP software, provides a point-and click interface to the advanced analytic capabilities of SAS.
  • SAS® Visual Data Discovery for Midsize Business Unmatched analytics and interactive, dynamic data visualization in a single, easy-to-use package
  • SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning

    SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning is a programming-only  version of a new SAS product based on the SAS Viya architecture. It combines data wrangling, exploration, feature engineering, and modern statistical, data mining and machine-learning techniques in a single, scalable in-memory processing environment. 

  • SAS® Visual Investigator

    SAS Visual Investigator addresses a wide variety of business and surveillance needs in an easy-to-use advanced analytics solution. Integrating and analyzing disparate data throughout the organization empowers intelligence analysts to work more cooperatively to investigate patterns, anomalies and trends faster.

  • SAS® Visual Statistics

    Interactively create, run and evaluate high-performance models for instant results.


  • SAS® Web Analytics SAS Web Analytics collects, cleanses and organizes large volumes of raw data from your website and integrates it with offline sources. After providing built-in analysis of Web data, the solution then presents the information through a customizable reporting system and easy-to-use, interactive tools.



  • SAS® 360 Discover

    SAS 360 Discover collects digital customer-level data and then uses the insight from that data to unearth insight around message, offer and content performance across web and mobile channels. It serves digital messaging departments inside an organization (marketing, sales, service and support) to engage customers at relevant times along their customer journey. 

  • SAS® 360 Engage

    SAS 360 Engage helps you increase loyalty, retention and growth of current customers through contextual customer engagement across digital channels and devices.  Delivering a contextual offer allows you to boost new-customer acquisition rates, delight current customers and ultimately leads to a stronger, more profitable customer base and higher return on marketing investment.  

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