Problem: You created a profile but you did not receive the confirmation e-mail message with the subject line "Please activate your SAS Profile" or you reset your profile password and have not received the e-mail with the subject line "SAS Profile Password Reset Instructions."

Solution: The most common cause of this problem is that the e-mail message was blocked by a firewall or caught by a spam filter.

First, check your junk e-mail folder to see whether the confirmation e-mail message was inadvertently diverted there. If you find the e-mail message there, you will want to ensure that the delivery of e-mail messages from SAS is not blocked as spam in the future. To accomplish this, add to your list of Safe Sender domains.

If the e-mail message was not in your junk folder, check with your IT department to see whether e-mail messages from the domain can be added to a corporate Safe Sender list.

If you need to have the confirmation e-mail message re-sent to you, click the Create Profile link in the site banner and re-enter your profile information.

Problem: Your e-mail address has changed and you need to update that information in your profile.

Solution: Use the Edit profile link in the site banner to access your contact information. When you change your e-mail address, you are sent a confirmation e-mail message. After you respond to the confirmation e-mail message, your profile will be made available for use.

Caution: If you use the Check Problem Status application to view the tracks you have with SAS Technical Support, your default access is to only those tracks that contain the e-mail address stored in your profile. For this reason, some customers prefer to maintain multiple profiles for multiple e-mail addresses. An alternative to maintaining multiple profiles is to request supplemental access authority to tracks opened for e-mail addresses that do not match the e-mail address in your profile. This request goes to the SAS Installation Representative assigned to the site number that was used to open those tracks. The SAS Installation Representative can grant your request using the administrator link in the SAS Installation Representative's view of the tracks application. You can either contact your SAS Installation Representative directly or use the Request Access to Other Tracks form.

Problem: Your e-mail address has changed and you need to update that information in your profile, but you cannot remember your password and no longer have access to the old e-mail address.

Solution: The simplest solution is to create a new profile for the new e-mail address. We periodically purge the profile system of older, unused profiles. Your old profile will be deleted in an upcoming purge.

If you need additional help with your SAS Profile, please contact .
If you need help with something other than your SAS Profile (e.g., a question or problem concerning SAS or JMP), the information on our Contact Us page will help direct your issue to the most appropriate place.