SAS® Demand-Driven Forecasting

Maximize profitability, market share and customer satisfaction

SAS Demand-Driven Forecasting drives the development of the consensus forecast in conjunction with the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process.

Combining the power of automation, analytics and workflow, it generates the most unbiased and accurate consensus forecast on a large-scale basis.

We’re now able to drill down through customer hierarchies and do things such as integrate the impact of promotions and special offers into the statistical models.

Marcel Baumgartner
Head of Global Demand Planning Performance and Statistical Forecasting


Improve forecasting accuracy across your product hierarchy.

SAS' patented statistical forecasting engine has a complete array of advanced forecasting methods to model and forecast your organization's entire product portfolio.

Enhance accuracy with forecast-value-added (FVA) and reporting.

The solution automatically generates FVA reports that indicate the differences between the statistical baseline forecast and all individual departmental forecasts with notes indicating reasons. These reports can be reviewed, changed and written back to the data model.

Reduce finished goods inventory and stock-outs.

SAS provides forecasts that reflect the realities of your business, improving your planning accuracy. With plans that ensure the right products at the right time at the right locations, you can both prevent stock-outs and minimize finished goods inventory – increasing customer satisfaction while reducing costs.



  • Automated statistical model selection and optimization.
  • Model repository with predefined models.
  • Event modeling console.
  • What-if analysis and scenario planning.

  • Consensus forecasting workbench.
  • Monitoring, tracking and reporting.
  • New product forecasting workbench.

Technical Information

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