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Please select the SAS Partner Category for which you are applying:

Partner Category

Technology Partner
  • Suppliers of products and technologies upon which SAS solutions run, including hardware, database, network and operating system vendors.
Application Partner
  • Organizations that encourage and promote the integration of strategic SAS technologies and applications into or with third-party software.
Consulting Partner
  • Systems integrators and consulting firms that implement, develop and manage SAS software solutions.
Value-Added Reseller Partner
  • Resellers of SAS software and solutions that provide value-added services and support to end-user customers.
Managed Analytics Services Provider (MASP)
  • Organizations that provide cloud-based analytics capabilities and solutions to customers quickly and without the overhead of implementing on-site software.
General Information
*Company Name:
  Postal Code:
  *Primary contact last name:
  *Primary contact first name:
  Web address:

Qualifying questions
*As a SAS Partner, you would like to: (check all that apply)
Help SAS sell software by making business introductions
Prepare or making software and services proposals to customers
Have sales interactions with SAS customers
Have lobbying interactions with SAS customers
Focus solely on technical installation, software implementation or software support
Provide technical assistance in proposal preparation without interacting with customers
*Will you be in contact with government or military customers or businesses that are wholly or partially owned by the government for any purpose, including technical installation, software implementation or support or proposal preparation, or will you be helping SAS to secure any type of license, permit, certification, authorization or permission from a government, a government department or agency or a government official?
 If Yes, please explain:
*Is any person with a 20% or greater ownership interest in your organization, or any director or senior officer, or any person who will have interactions with SAS customers, a former (within the previous three years) or current government or military official in the country where the proposed business activities will take place?
If Yes, please explain:
*Does any person referred to in above question have a relative who is a former (within the previous three years) or current government or military official in the country where the proposed business activities will take place?
If Yes, please explain:

Federal qualifications
US Applicants Only: Indicate if you qualify under federal regulations as (choose one category only):
SBA Criteria    SBA Certified (Provide copy of certificate)
Small Business    Minority Disadvantaged Small Business
Minority Small Business    HUBZone Small Business
Woman-Owned Small Business    Minority HUBZone Small Business
Veteran-Owned Small Business    Woman-Owned HUBZone Small Business
Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business   
Business Enterprise   
Executive Summary
Brief description of your company:
Goals and benefits your company hopes to achieve through participation in the SAS Partner program:
Specific benefits your company can provide to SAS:
Benefit you perceive for your customers through your participation in the SAS Partner program:
Business Profile
Date company established:
Mission statement:
Years of experience using SAS software:
Describe SAS expertise:
Annual revenue:
Percentage of business related to SAS software:
Number of employees:
Number of SAS software programmers:
Client list:
Product/Service Overview
Indicate your company's areas of expertise: (check all that apply)
Application Software Development Installation of SAS Software
Client/Server Implementation Integration Technologies
Computer Performance Evaluation & Capacity Planning Java Development
Contract Programming Macro Facility
Data Mining Portals
Data Modeling SAS Software Training
Data Warehousing Software Maintenance
Database Interfacing System Migration
Design and Code Review Systems Integration
Enterprise Reporting Web Reporting
Hardware Maintenance Other:
Operating systems your company supports:
List of your company's product(s):
Describe the functionality and features of each product:
(Applicable marketing materials or additional information should be sent to
What SAS products were used to build the solution(s):
Describe the market/industry targeted by your company:
Pricing: Please send your current price list to

Indicate the geographies in which you have an interest in partnering: (check all that apply)
  SAS Americas (United States, Canada, Latin America)
  SAS International (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
  SAS Asia Pacific
Indicate SAS software products with which your company has experience: (check all that apply)
SAS® Activity-Based Management SAS® IT Service Level Management
SAS® Anti-Money Laundering SAS® Marketing Automation
SAS® Campaign Management SAS® Marketing Optimization
SAS® Credit Risk Management for Banking SAS® OpRisk Management
SAS® Credit Scoring for Banking SAS® Risk Dimensions® (Analyst)
SAS® Drug Development SAS® Risk Dimensions® (Enterprise)
SAS® Fair Banking SAS® Solutions OnDemand
SAS® Financial Management SAS® Strategy Management
SAS® Human Capital Management SAS® Warranty Analysis
SAS® Interaction Management SAS® Web Analytics
SAS® IT Charge Management Other:
SAS® IT Resource Management   
Training and Certification
Name(s) of person(s) with SAS software expertise:
SAS training courses taken within the past two years:
Course Attendee Location Date
If no formal training was taken within the past two years, describe your company's SAS experience:
List names of consultants who are SAS Certified and their certification level:
Consultant's Name Certification
Indicate the names of consultants certified in each:
SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS®9
SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS®9
SAS Certified Predictive Modeler Using Enterprise Miner 5 or 6
SAS Certified Platform Administrator for SAS®9
SAS Certified Data Integration Developer for SAS®9
SAS Certified BI Content Developer for SAS®9
SAS 9.2 Platform Deployment Certification
SAS 9.2 Platform Migration Certification
Partner Demo Center
SAS Certified Data Integration Implementation Specialist for SAS 9.2
SAS Architecture and Design Specialist for SAS Grid Manager Certification
SAS Deployment and Implementation Specialist for Grid Manager Certification

Customer References
Please provide three customer references from the past 12 months. By completing this section, you are giving SAS permission to contact each of these references.
*Reference #1 Name:
Application/services provided:
Date of service:
SAS software/solution provided/involved in the service:
*Reference #2 Name:
Application/services provided:
Date of service: 
SAS software/solution provided/involved in the service: 
*Reference #3 Name:
Application/services provided:
Date of service:
SAS software/solution provided/involved in the service:

List all SAS-related activities in which your company has participated, number of years attended, and level of involvement:
List papers and/or books authored or co-authored:
Any seminars, conferences, trade shows you have attended or sponsored in the past year:
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