Pharma analytics for confidently driving therapies to market.

Only SAS delivers a cloud analytics solution for pharma that delivers a single analytics foundation for clinical research, with embedded analytic tools, support for data standards and optional integrated analytic applications.

Ability to add analytics applications to solve business challenges 

Integrates analytic applications – user-developed or from SAS – for a variety of business needs.

Rigorous statistical analysis & regulatory controls 

Combines regulatory compliance and control features with seamless development and execution of SAS programs.

Analytical data preparation 

Provides full mapping of data source, data manipulations and final destination for data.

Repository that keeps pace with data standards 

Implements and properly manages data standards and updates to speed time to market and contain clinical research costs.

Efficient workflow management 

Provides immediate and ongoing insight into project progress for better control and deployment of resources and streamlining clinical R&D.

Superior information management 

Includes a centralized clinical information repository that gives global access to a clinical pharma data analytics foundation for all authorized development team members.

Efficiently transform, analyze and report on clinical trial data. Develop new therapies faster by giving everyone access to powerful pharma analytics.

Empower knowledge workers with approachable analytics. 

Drive global collaboration among internal team members, consultants, contractors and development partners by putting easy-to-use pharma analytics in the hands of knowledge workers in areas such as pre-clinical, clinical operations and medical affairs.

Streamline and automate clinical research processes to gain instant insight. 

Workflow capabilities aid project management oversight and support process enablement to lower costs while increasing the speed and efficiency of clinical research. The framework supports multiple analyses with different team members, access rights and context-specific privileges. You can assign tasks and track progress for each analysis activity and deliverable for a single study or your entire portfolio. And automate clinical process activities using process orchestration capabilities, such as scheduled job initiation and completion notifications.

Build confidence and trust with SAS' proven experience.

SAS is widely accepted as the gold standard for providing statistical capabilities to determine the safety and efficacy of medicines in clinical research. The model-driven approach for CDISC standards governance and enhanced study metadata management drive efficiency from study setup to submission.

Expand information management.

A fully integrated environment spans from operational data systems (such as eCRF), electronic health records, sensors and wearables, omics data, biomarker data, etc.., through standardization, analysis and reporting and post-approval meta-analysis. End-to-end management of clinical data means less time spent on operational data management activities, and more time spent on exploring, monitoring data quality, and executing advanced analytics and statistics.

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