Creating opportunities

There are an estimated 1 billion people in the world – about 15 percent of the population – with disabilities. SAS supports people of all abilities and leverages their diverse talents.

Outreach and Engagement

SAS collaborates with organizations to help students and adults with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities in the achievement of their personal and professional goals.

Engineering Camp for Visually Impaired & Blind Students

SAS helps organize a one-week summer engineering camp for students with visual impairments. Students come to SAS’ campus to learn about our accessible software for users with visual impairments.

The Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH)

SAS has been working with TEACCH for more than 20 years through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Two full-time and four part-time employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder work for SAS with support from their job coaches. Many of these employees have worked on the food services team for 20 years and have extremely low absenteeism and turnover.

Arc of the Triangle

SAS has partnered with Arc of the Triangle for more than seven years by employing five students during the summer to work in the cafes. Together, we are supporting these students as they accomplish their goal of obtaining their Occupational Course of Study diploma.

Wake County Public School System (WCPSS)

For more than 20 years, SAS has worked with the WCPSS to support nearly 1,150 students seeking to obtain credit toward graduation by volunteering in the cafes part-time throughout the school year. Each year, approximately 40 students volunteer from 11 area high schools learn basic food service skills with mentorship from our cafe staff. We provide a complimentary lunch to the students and their Wake County coaches.

STEM Career Showcase for Students With Disabilities

An annual educational event sponsored by SAS and other community partners where attendees of all ages meet role models with disabilities who have thriving careers in STEM fields.

We need different kinds of minds working together. Temple Grandin

Accessibility at SAS means we democratize data. 

Accessibility and Applied Assistive Technology Team

SAS changes the way people interact with data by developing innovative technology that makes visualizations like charts, graphs and maps accessible to everyone. Our commitment is to help everyone understand the meaning in their data regardless of technical savvy, physical ability or other factors. Learn more about our services.

We’re working to make sure students and professionals of all abilities can succeed in the classroom and the 21st century knowledge economy. Ed Summers Head of Accessibility SAS