SAS® Academy for Data Science

Don't just think like a data scientist. Be one.

Analytical talent is in high demand. Differentiate yourself by earning world-class certification in big data, advanced analytics and data science from SAS, the leader in advanced big data analytics. Sharpen your skills and validate your expertise at the SAS Academy for Data Science. And become the go-to expert who not only talks data science, but actually does it.

The SAS® Academy for Data Science offers:

  • Three immersive programs developed by leading analytical experts.
  • Industry-recognized credentials – certifications in big data, advanced analytics and data science.
  • Classroom instruction in a collaborative setting, combined with hands-on learning and case studies.
  • A blended approach using SAS, Hadoop and open source technologies.
  • A coach to guide you by answering questions and helping you prepare for certification.
  • Around-the-clock access to SAS software and course materials during the program. 

Academy Programs

Go beyond basic programming by learning to gather and analyze big data in SAS. This intensive six-week bootcamp focuses on:

  • Big data management, data quality and visual data exploration for advanced analytics.
  • Preparing you for the two big data certification exams.*

Deepen your knowledge and expand your skill set in advanced analytics. This comprehensive six-week bootcamp focuses on:

  • Analytical modeling, machine learning, experimentation, forecasting, optimization and critical communication skills.
  • Preparing you for the three advanced analytics certification exams.*

Get full-time, in-depth training as a data scientist. Our 12-week data science bootcamp comprises:

  • All coursework from both the big data and advanced analytics certification programs.
  • Professional instruction and hands-on learning in big data management, advanced analytics, machine learning, data visualization and essential communication skills.
  • Preparation for all five data science certification exams.*

*You may take the certification exams without enrolling in and completing the coursework if you already have the necessary skills. Get more information on the individual Academy program pages.

SAS® Academy for Data Science – Advantages

Secure a competitive edge.

To gain a competitive advantage in today's data-driven economy, you have to make the most of large structured and unstructured data sources. And that means having employees with the skills necessary to ask the right questions and make sense out of the answers they find in the data – in other words, data scientists.

Finding, hiring and training data scientists can be an anxiety-ridden process, given today’s talent gap. The SAS Academy for Data Science can help.

  • Transform your top talent into certified professionals in big data, advanced analytics and data science by sending them to the SAS Academy for Data Science, where they can earn industry-recognized credentials.
  • Make your business smarter and more innovative by adopting current best practices in data science.
  • Gain a competitive edge by further developing your employees' analytical talent through the SAS Academy for Data Science.

Satisfy your endless curiosity, and boost your earning potential.

According to an April 2015 Burtch Works study, data scientists get paid more than other predictive analytics professionals. Demand is high for individuals with data science skills, while supply remains low. And that has put upward pressure on salaries. Entry-level data scientists have seen salaries increase by 14 percent, and highly sought-after senior managers have seen an 8 percent increase in salaries. Sound appealing? The SAS Academy for Data Science can help you:

  • Boost your earning potential with industry-recognized certifications in big data, advanced analytics and data science from the SAS Academy for Data Science.
  • Increase your value to your employer by developing in-demand big data, advanced analytics and data science skills that employers around the world are looking for.
  • Secure your future by gaining the proven expertise that can lead you to doing meaningful work in a job you love – and one that pays well.


My days can be very similar, but week-to-week work can vary greatly. For a few weeks I might be working on a text mining project, and after that I could be creating a predictive model around the customer. Mixed in are meetings with others about analytics and how it can help different parts of the business.

Alex Herrington
Data scientist for a major US retailer
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Fill the workforce skills gap.

Rising demand for data scientists has created a talent gap that universities can help fill by developing programs to meet the growing need. SAS is partnering with higher education institutions around the world to make content from the SAS Academy for Data Science programs available to help:

Professors –

  • Build a robust data science program using free course materials from academy programs, backed by four decades of analytics expertise.
  • Attract high-caliber students by offering courses that meet the growing demand for analytics professionals.
  • Augment your course offerings with top-level course materials from the world leader in advanced analytics.
  • Verify students' knowledge by offering the SAS big data, advanced analytics and data science certifications as part of your curriculum.
  • Increase the job placement rate for your graduates by helping them gain in-demand skills.

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Students – 

  • Learn highly sought-after analytical skills that will be in demand by employers around the world.
  • Validate the knowledge you gain in a university curriculum by taking the big data, advanced analytics and data science certification exams offered by SAS.
  • Boost your earning potential by becoming a SAS Certified Big Data Professional and a SAS Certified Data Scientist. According to an April 2015 Burtch Works study, base salaries grew by 14 percent for entry-level data scientists and 8 percent for senior managers.

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Upcoming Sessions

2016 DatesProgramsFeeLocations
11JAN – 18FEBSAS Certified Big Data ProfessionalUS$9,000Cary, NC
29FEB – 07APRSAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional
US$9,000Cary, NCRegister now
11JAN – 18FEB
29FEB – 07APR
SAS Certified Data Scientist
(a $2,000 savings!)
Cary, NCClosed
06JUN – 15JULSAS Certified Big Data Professional
US$9,000Cary, NC
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25JUL – 01SEPSAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional
US$9,000Cary, NC
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06JUN – 15JUL
25JUL – 01SEP
SAS Certified Data Scientist
(a $2,000 savings!)
Cary, NC
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About SAS® Certification

The SAS Global Certification program launched in 1999 to validate the skills and knowledge of SAS users and partners. Participants can currently earn credentials in SAS Programming, Predictive Modeling, Administration, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Data Science. Since the program's inception, the number of SAS certifications awarded each year has seen double-digit growth. To date,  nearly 90,000 SAS credentials have been awarded to individuals in 77 countries.