SAS Solutions for Hadoop

巨量資料界的黃金組合-- SAS & Hadoop

88% of organizations see Hadoop as an opportunity. Are you in?

SAS 強大的分析技術,能夠幫助資料科學家解讀 Hadoop 的資料。結合SAS與Hadoop,可有效解讀所有的資訊,將資料化為決策,速度之快超乎想像!

What do you need to succeed with Hadoop? Our eight-step checklist includes data preparation, in-memory analytics, data visualization and more.


Why is SAS uniquely qualified to help make sense out of data in Hadoop? Randy Guard, Vice President of Product Management at SAS, explains.

Randy Guard, Vice President of Product Management at SAS, discusses how the SAS strategy around Hadoop helps customers modernize their analytics initiatives.

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"This is an era of visualization, so we should provide ranking officers and board members with eye-catching tables and charts that help them quickly grasp the meaning of the data provided and make informed decisions."

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"北醫體系運用SAS VA視覺分析系統的快速運算技術,呈現營運資料的多維度交叉分析結果,及早發現錯誤、確保營運報表的準確性,讓跨院、跨科室與所有主治醫師的醫療服務績效更真實呈現。"

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"要特別撰寫程式的分析工具若是單眼相機的話,SAS VA就是一款有拍照功能的智慧型手機。影像具有高畫質,且資料可與眾多App串聯使用,重點是在一個行動裝置就能輕鬆完成。"

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