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Retail Demand Planning

Demand Planning

Automate and accelerate demand planning insights across your supply chain.

How SAS® Enables Better Demand Planning

SAS provides collaborative forecasting and demand planning steps, transforming demand planning into a continuous, flexible process.

Cloud native forecasting for any size company

  • Automatically generate statistically driven, weighted consensus forecasts.
  • Monitor forecast performance to understand value added or lost at each step.
  • Use out-of-the-box modeling strategies with predefined models.

Demand sensing & shaping

  • Visually analyze demand data to spot patterns and insights related to sales, shipments, pricing, promotions, etc.
  • Evaluate sales history and plan for future events – new products, locations, channel introduction – using what-if scenario analysis.
  • Measure the effect of sales and marketing strategies on consumer demand using multitiered causal analysis.

Optimized transportation costs

  • Adopt enhanced end-to-end supply chain execution.
  • Connect demand plans to products and freight on the move.
  • Reduce transportation costs while increasing agility.

Why choose SAS for demand planning?

Automate and optimize inventory distribution by calculating optimized inventory levels and order quantities for every SKU, location and channel.

Improve forecasting accuracy

Model and forecast all your products and selling locations with a patented statistical forecasting engine that uses advanced forecasting methods.

Optimize inventory & reduce stockouts

Use analytics to drive product where it's needed most to meet customer demand while managing the overall costs of inventory.

Take the guesswork out of forecasting

Use retail forecasting models that include underlying trends, seasonality, promotions, etc. Automated, large-scale forecasting selects the best-fit model based on individual time series.

Customer Success

Working Smarter With SAS

  • Boosting sales and gross margins by accurately predicting and planning for demand

    SAS helped Levi Strauss & Co. improve its SKU mix, increase shipments to key accounts and cluster trade areas based on profitable products.

  • A multinational retailer operating hypermarkets, discount department stores & grocery stores

    Combining online shopping ease with the advantages of a physical store presence

    SAS helped the retailer reduce shipping costs and improve fulfillment of e-commerce orders by offering in-store pickup.

  • A US clothing company with the largest intimates assortment

    Generating more accurate demand forecasts

    SAS helped the company maximize its inventory to meet demand while minimizing risk.

    Become a supply chain superstar with demand planning from SAS.

    Get to know how our analytics- and AI-powered demand planning solution ensures that the right level of supply is available through the right channels at the right time – saving you capital and creating a customer experience that always hits the mark.

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