Create relevant, satisfying, valued customer experiences.

A 360-degree customer view from customer-level digital data combined with traditional data sources. A deeper customer understanding from imbedded predictive marketing analytics. Contextual customer engagement across inbound and outbound channels. And compelling customer experiences tailored to each unique customer's journey.

Open data model

Translates digital data into useful insights with an open, customer-centric data model. Combines easily with existing online and offline customer data.

Dynamic data collection

Enables dynamic data collection with a single line of HTML code in each web page. Lets you avoid form- and field-level tag maintenance while collecting every consumer interaction down to the keystroke on all your web properties.

Post-data-collection contextualization

Contextualizes data captured from all digital channels and devices in a matter of minutes.

Anonymous behavior capture

Records the activities of everyone who visits your website over time – whether identifiable or not. Once a visitor is identified, any previous anonymous behavior is assigned to that person automatically, resulting in a much richer profile.

Predictive models, forecasting & goal-seeking routines

Lets you run analyses to determine which goal-seeking routine adjustments will result in better business goals. Advanced statistical and optimization routines are prebuilt, so you don't have to be a statistics expert to run or develop them.

Dynamic content placement

Uses analytical procedures to determine when and where to place personalized content onto web pages or in mobile applications to engage customers more effectively.

Digital asset management

Lets you use, reuse and version rich media assets, and determine where they are most effective, via an easy-to-use interface.

Part of SAS® Customer Intelligence suite

Fully integrates with the rest of the SAS Customer Intelligence suite, so you can analyze and execute marketing programs down to the individual customer level right out of the box within a unified environment.

Infuse your marketing decisions with unprecedented customer insights.

Give marketers true predictive power.

An easy-to-use marketing interface backed by advanced analytic capabilities enables marketers and business analysts to quickly transform digital data into predictive, customer-focused insight. Use that insight to guide and shape real-time customer interactions, making contextual decisions that result in highly personalized, relevant offers your customers can’t resist.

Get a unified, thorough view of every customer.

Go beyond capturing page clicks to truly understanding individual customers' navigational behavior on websites and mobile apps. Easily combine online and offline customer data – on their past experiences with your company, recent behaviors and real-time actions – into a cohesive, 360-degree view. A better understanding of customer behavior translates into more successful offers and campaigns.

Create personalized interactions across every conceivable channel.

Every touch point throughout the customer journey is an opportunity to engage the customer. And every customer interaction is a brand experience. Craft compelling customer experiences tailored to wherever customers are in their journeys, and engage with them in exactly the right way at any point along that journey.

Gain real-time insights that get even better over time.

Predictive models give you a forward-looking view of your campaigns, enabling you to understand the most significant business drivers, forecast how drivers and business measures will perform in the future and run goal-seeking routines to determine optimal levels needed – even if you don’t have a statistician on staff. And everything you learn goes back into your models, so they get smarter and better over time.

Get to Know SAS® Customer Intelligence 360

SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 Modules

SAS® 360 Plan

Keep all your marketing strategies aligned while enabling teams to act with speed and precision. Accelerate, automate and streamline planning, financial management, workflow and asset management. Collaborate and execute plans more efficiently and optimize marketing investments.

SAS® 360 Discover

Dynamically capture individual customer interactions. Transform them into customer-centric knowledge. Then combine that knowledge with insight from other channel views to better understand, model and effectively market to each and every customer.

SAS® 360 Engage

Take insights gleaned from SAS 360 Discover and other sources – including other SAS Customer Intelligence solutions. And use that insight to craft personalized, precisely targeted offers delivered to customers across digital channels, devices and points in time.

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