Faculty Development Program.

Let’s partner to design a curriculum for Big Data management, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Give your students a competitive edge

Hear from educator Mike Salé about why he chose to weave SAS software and tools throughout his data analytics program, how holding SAS credentials give his students a competitive edge, and why he values the partnership with SAS Academic Programs.

Why You Should Teach SAS®

Relevant Skills

We'll help you stay aware of – and get trained on – technologies that will most benefit your students as they prepare for analytics careers.

Personal Career Development

Learning analytics not only helps you expand your students' futures – it also expands yours. New skills can lead to new opportunities.

Supportive Community

Join other educators who have become analytics experts in their own right. We'll give you the resources to get there.

Why Your Students Should Learn SAS

Path to Certification
Developing analytics skills can lead to student certification, opening doors for job opportunities.

Better Jobs
Analytics jobs rose 29% last year. According to Forbes, 79% of executives say companies must embrace big data.

Higher Salaries
Tech Republic named SAS as one of seven data science certifications to boost résumés and salaries.

Faculty Development Program (FDP)

Designing curriculum for Big Data management, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

The Faculty Development Program strives to support and promote learning of data science concepts and curriculum, to provide opportunity and development to professors/educators and academic institutions.

FDP will help you to:

  • Build a robust data science syllabus for academic programs. 
  • Attract high-caliber students by offering courses that meet growing demand for analytics professionals. 
  • Augment your course offerings with top-level course materials from the world leader in Advanced Analytics, AI & Machine Learning. 
  • Enable student’s to earn industry validation by offering SAS Global Certifications in the areas of Data Management, Advanced Analytics and Data Science as part of your curriculum. 
  • Increase career opportunities and marketability for Students. 
  • Enhance faculty skills for promoting world class research.

Featured Speaker

Sunil Bhardwaj
Senior Training Consultant
Education, SAS

Dr. Sunil Bhardwaj has 16+ years of training, mentoring and consulting experience in SAS® with leading clients in India and abroad. Dr. Bhardwaj has conducted mentoring workshops in the area of Business Forecasting, Predictive Modeling, Big Data Analytics, Operations Research & Design of Experiments with leading corporations in the area of banking, retail, manufacturing and agriculture.

Featured Speaker

Akshay Dixit
Senior Consultant
Education, SAS

Akshay Dixit is presently working as a Analytics Training Consultant with SAS India. He has 8+ years of Training experience in SAS with all the leading clients in India and Abroad. He has conducted workshops in the area of Predictive Modelling, Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Enterprise Business Intelligence in the area of Banking, Retail, Manufacturing and Telecom.

  • Institutions Using SAS®

    SAS collaborates with more than 300 academic programs worldwide to help bridge the gap between supply and demand for analytical talent across industries.


    Free workshops for professors and students

    Professors and instructors can learn SAS and develop courses and curricula with our free professional development workshops. Each session includes free course materials, instructor interaction and curriculum materials to help you develop your graduate or undergraduate courses.

    Academic Specialization

    Academic institutions can integrate SAS into their curricula. The more involved they become, the more benefits they receive.

    Data science careers start with educators who are passionate about analytics.


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