Customer Experience

Increase customer engagement. Improve marketing impact and efficiency. Optimize customer journey interactions.

How SAS Enables Banks to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Improve customer experience with real-time, contextualized interactions. Analyze all data to gain a holistic view of the customer experience. Accelerate the value derived from AI and fintech technologies to boost customer profitability, streamline operations and foster loyalty.

Analytical marketing

  • Better identify and gain a deeper understanding of customer needs using advanced analytic techniques with embedded AI.
  • Deliver more relevant, personalized communications and recommendations using self-learning marketing algorithms and machine learning to guide analytical processes.

Customer journey optimization

  • Understand customer contact and response history by collecting and analyzing customer interaction data from all touch points.
  • Orchestrate optimized, contextually relevant engagements that ensure consistency across all touch points of the customer journey.

Real-time customer experience

  • Automate real-time customer experience decisions at scale across all channels.
  • Anticipate customer needs and create contextual, real-time digital engagements that customers value.

Why do banks choose SAS for better customer experience?  

Good customer experience drives revenue growth. SAS enables you to confidently engage customers and create relevant, individualized experiences in real time. SAS provides comprehensive integrated marketing analytics so that every customer interaction is guided by analytic insight. You'll gain a clear understanding of how marketing activities link to revenue and profits, and have the ability to share results and insights across business units.      

Understand customers better than ever

Using powerful AI and machine learning, you can anticipate and address your customers' unspoken needs at just the right moment.  

Grow customer lifetime value

Use event-based marketing to deliver relevant, personalized communications that are timed perfectly.

Get a single view of the customer

Bring together all permissible customer data, regardless of source.

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