Midmarket Banks

How Midmarket Banks Use SAS®

Understand customer needs and create highly relevant, personalized customer experiences that drive revenue growth.  

Meet regulatory compliance demands, optimize economic capital and use risk analysis techniques to gain competitive advantage.

Achieve operational excellence by using intelligence automation to modernize internal processes while decreasing staff requirements, reducing errors and increasing straight-through processing.  

Featured Customer | Seacoast Bank

Seacoast Bank uses SAS to turn customer information into a better customer experience using artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

We can fine-tune our customer treatment strategies as well as our customer acquisition efforts to generate very high returns. Jeff Lee Chief Marketing Officer Seacoast Bank

Seacoast Bank Facts & Figures


year bank was founded

US$5.9 billion

total assets

30% growth rate

risk-adjusted revenue per customer

與 SAS 取得聯絡,瞭解我們能在哪些方面為您效勞。