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Need help contacting our Technical Support team, installing SAS, or checking the status of an open track? Get specifics and more.

How can I contact Technical Support?

Here are some options on how to contact Technical Support.


What are the system requirements for SAS?

Learn more about the technical requirements for SAS.

How can I get help installing SAS?

Our Technical Support team is happy to assist you with your installation, but you can also go to the Install Center for the most up-to-date installation and configuration documentation.

How can I check the status of an open Technical Support track?

To check the status of an open Technical Support track, click track and log in to your SAS.com profile. ​You can’t view a track if it wasn’t opened with your SAS Profile email. You will need to request permission to view the track from a SAS Installation Representative.

How can I find my Technical Support site number?

Your site number, which appears near the top of the SAS log window, helps us associate key details about your license such as company name, hardware, and product mix. Learn the different ways you can locate your SAS site number;(also called the Technical Support site number), depending on the software and operating system that you are using,


SAS has free and reduced academic software for students and educators – as well as a support network, teaching resources, and academic discounts for training and certification exams.

What are my academic software options?

We have a few different academic software options. You can learn more about our Academic Program, or get a comparison chart of your different software options.


Where can I go for help using my academic software?

We have wonderful resources available on our SAS Analytics U Community for help with programming and content questions. You can join the Community by logging in with your SAS Profile in the upper right corner (or create a profile if you don't already have one.) One of our SAS Experts or peers that monitor this site around the clock will respond to your question shortly.

I am teaching a course on SAS. Are there teaching resources available to me?

Yes, we provide free teaching materials that provide you with everything you need to teach a SAS course at the graduate or undergraduate level! Learn more information or fill out the request form.

As a student or educator, can I get a discount on training courses, certification exams or books?

Yes! We offer academic discounts for students and educators. Learn more about your different options.


Are you curious, passionate, authentic and accountable? Then SAS may be a great fit for you. Find out more about how to apply and what’s involved.

What does it take to get a job at SAS?

Are you curious, passionate, authentic and accountable? These are SAS’ core values that shape and influence everything we do. So, we look for well-rounded candidates that not only meet the technical requirements of a job, but that also want to do meaningful work that will make a difference in the world. Many talented contributors keep us at the forefront of innovation as a leader in analytics. From sales, R&D, tech support and consulting to marketing, human resources, education and even landscape architecture, our jobs are all connected and inspire us to do things that matter. Everyone is valued for their unique contributions and we strive to invest in the whole employee experience as a workplace standard. Our interview process has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that we bring on candidates that add to our culture and continue to be a part of helping us grow.

How do I apply for a job?

Complete an application through our careers site. Be sure to complete the entire application. You’ll receive a confirmation email when your application is complete.

How can I find out the status of my application?

We have a Talent Acquisition team who reviews each, and every, resume. It may take us some time to provide an initial update and we appreciate your patience. At any time, you can log into your dashboard on our Careers site to get a general status update. If you have already started the interview process, feel free to reach out to your Talent Acquisition contact. Regardless of the hiring decision, we’re committed to notifying all candidates with a final status update for their application.

Do you offer internships?

Yes! Learn more about our Internships program.

Where can I learn more about getting a job at SAS and the interview process?

Our Careers FAQs provide a detailed look at our application and interviewing process.


You may be interested in trying out our products firsthand for free.  Find out which ones are right for you and your business needs.

Does SAS offer free trials?

Yes! We offer free trials for several of our products. See a complete list of the trials we have available.

Which free trial is right for me?

That will depend on your organization’s business needs. We offer a bit of guidance based on your interest at the bottom of our Trials page. We’re also happy to have a representative reach out to discuss the best fit for you – simply contact us.

Can I use my own data with free trials?

Yes! You can use your own data or the sample data that we provide.

How long are the trials?

The trial period length will depend on the software trial that you select.

Can I share the trial with my colleagues?

For some of the trials we offer, you can share the trial environment. Details about the trial features are included in your confirmation email.

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