Więcej samodzielności. Więcej wydajności.



Elastyczne narzędzia analityczne dopasowane do każdego zestawu umiejętności w Twoim zespole.    

Wyobraź sobie, co może się zdarzyć, kiedy na wszystkich stanowiskach w Twojej firmie - od działu biznesowego po IT - możliwe byłoby korzystanie z narzędzi analitycznych SAS. Gwałtowny wzrost wydajności. Realnie funkcjonujące mechanizmy współpracy. Znakomite efekty wykonanej pracy.


Business Executives

As domain experts and decision makers, executives need to see the big picture as they evaluate processes and track ROI. Check out this MIT SMR Annual Data and Analytics Global Executive Study of how global business leaders think about making decisions based on analytics insights.

IT experts are coders, architects and tinkerers. They understand every aspect of deployment, from model registration to validation. And since SAS technology is built for deployment efficiency, it plays an important role in an IT expert's job. Find out how to orchestrate efforts with an integrated platform covering all stages of the analytics life cycle.

IT Experts

Data Scientists

As data scientists question, experiment and test data models, they need access to high-quality data so they can be creative, ask the right questions and innovate. Solve computer vision, natural language processing, forecasting, and speech processing problems by reaping the benefits of deep learning with SAS and Python. 

Software developers and programmers write, debug and execute code for software applications. Access SAS Analytics with other programming languages by checking out our developer community and free trials.


Machine Learning Using SAS® Viya

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