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Corporate Training

Analytics training programs from SAS keep your team's skills sharp – and your competitive edge sharper.

We'll help you achieve your goals.

Bridge the Analytics Skills Gap

Assess skill levels, identify gaps, select relevant training resources and develop strategies.

Track Your Team's Progress 

Monitor success by tracking progress and identifying challenges via a custom portal.

Personalize Your Training

Get in-person training with a SAS instructor who may use your own data for relevant instruction.

Drive Future Innovation

Establish a program that grows with your organization and can evolve with your business needs.

Three Steps to a Successful Workforce: Gain, Train and Retain

Gain the right people for your team.

Working with SAS begins with an assessment to determine the skills you have, as well as those you need. You'll then build talent pipelines by tapping into our connections with more than 350+ global academic institutions.

Train and onboard new talent.

Preparing your future workforce to compete in today’s environment requires more than just a plan – it’s an ongoing process. Once you've assessed whether employees need new, different or refreshed skills, we'll build a development plan mapped to career tracks with measurable outcomes.

Retain your best employees.

Training from SAS creates exciting career development plans for your employees, which is important since 87% of employees say they are less likely to leave if provided training opportunities. We'll deliver training resources and then partner with you to host talent connections and games to build excitement and foster teamwork.

of managers say teams add
more value after SAS training.

Maximize Your Software Investment, SAS


Get Your Team SAS Certified

In an ever-evolving analytics landscape, certified team members can help your organization adapt, stay ahead of the competition and boost your bottom line.


Investing in team certification is a win-win for your employees and your organization: it's proven to boost employee retention. View the infographic to learn more about the benefits of getting your employees SAS certified and how you can get started. 

Training goals set, business goals met. Customers achieve their objectives with SAS.

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SAS certification and skills directory

Find candidates for your open positions. Verify your candidates’ accomplishments. Search based on SAS badges or certifications earned. Or search by skill, earner, or location.

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Find the Right Offering for Your Team

Academy for Data Science

Help members of your team gain data science skills and boost analytics skills with our intensive academy.

Analytics Simulation Game

Cortex, an analytics simulation game, helps your team learn analytics skills using predictive modeling technology.


From data curation to data science to AI and machine learning, we’ll drive skills development with certifications to measure success and test team competencies.

Learning Subscription

Ensure everyone gets the training they need – with a single purchase. A learning subscription makes it easy.

Private Team Training

Schedule virtual or in-person training exclusively for your team delivered by SAS instructors, at your location or ours.

Training Points

Take advantage of our best training discount. Lock in significant savings on all your team's training needs.

We're Ready to Help Train Your Team

From early assessments to in-depth instruction, SAS is prepared to help with every step of your training process, from hiring the best possible talent to creating a fulfilling workforce environment. To get started, submit your contact information and we'll set up an introductory call to understand your needs, budget and goals for your team's talent and development.

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