Data, Analytics and AI: How Trust Delivers Value

Findings from the MIT Sloan Management Review Annual Data and Analytics Global Executive Study

Seeing value from analytics and emerging technologies such as AI begins with trust in the data. That trust relies on how data is collected, shared, protected and used.

So what do 2,400 global business leaders think about making decisions based on analytics insights? Simply put, they want to know they can count on what their data is telling them – and take advantage of new streams of it with that same confidence.

Findings from the latest research include:

  • Better data governance is needed.
  • Data privacy is emerging as a critical opportunity.
  • Improving innovation starts with fostering an analytics culture.
Encouraging a data-driven culture means encouraging people to use the data the business is collecting instead of siloing it away in the IT department. Kirk Borne Principal Data Scientist Booz Allen Hamilton

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