Drive innovation, efficiencies and results by putting IoT analytics in users' hands

SAS Analytics for IoT

Get fast, scalable outcomes from your IoT data – from predictive maintenance at scale to superior process optimization and quality, flood prediction and preparedness, energy cost optimization and beyond.

Drive innovation, efficiencies and results by putting IoT analytics in users' hands – from predictive maintenance at scale to superior process optimization and quality, flood prediction and preparedness, energy cost optimization and beyond.

Fuel performance with a powerful, AI-embedded IoT analytics solution.

Extract maximum value from your IoT investments with a complete, AI-embedded IoT analytics solution that meets the challenges of complexity and scale. Regardless of skill level, users can easily access, organize, select and transform IoT data – without having to rely on scarce data scientist resources. Built on SAS® Viya®, the solution's integrated, business-focused interface lets you visually explore external data sources and big data stores like Hadoop with ease. You can quickly select data and launch it into dashboards, reports and analytic tools to make confident, accurate and timely decisions that drive innovation and performance.

Get speed and scalability where and when needed.

Accelerate outcomes from your IoT investments – SAS, third party and open source. Our secure, flexible and scalable IoT analytics solution uses SAS Event Stream Processing with embedded AI to deliver real-time analytics, empowering all types of users to make fast, confident decisions – no coding or specialized skills required. We develop and continuously improve the latest analytic techniques to find those best suited for high-frequency, streaming data. And you can use our industry-leading data management capabilities to make IoT data – generated anywhere – analytics-ready.

Expand the use of IoT analytics and foster collaboration.

SAS Analytics for IoT enables all types of users to transform data into intelligence with an extensible, sensor-based data model and an intuitive, visual interface built on SAS Viya that streamlines ETL tasks. Your entire organization – business users, engineers, data scientists and IT professionals – will collaborate more effectively and be equipped to make timely, confident decisions that propel your business forward.

Get to know SAS Analytics for IoT

SAS Viya is cloud-native and cloud-agnostic

Consume SAS how you want – SAS managed or self-managed. And where you want.

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  • Optimizing the supply chain with analytics & IoT

    Georgia-Pacific relies on SAS to improve equipment efficiency, reduce downtime, optimize shipping logistics and predict customer churn.

  • Using analytics & IoT to predict & manage flood events

    The Town of Cary, NC, teamed up with SAS and Microsoft Azure to protect citizens from flooding, safeguard watersheds and support environmentally sound development with a robust set of analytical tools that deliver insight from both real-time and historical data.

  • Predicting maintenance issues, preventing breakdowns & reducing diagnostic time by 70%

    Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks use IoT sensor data and SAS AI solutions to minimize unplanned downtime.

  • Reducing costs & improving fleet readiness with predictive maintenance

    SAS is helping Lockheed Martin use analytics and AI to transform aircraft maintenance and fleet management.

    Key Features

    A powerful IoT analytics solution with embedded AI and industry-leading streaming capabilities.

    Sensor-based data model

    Integrates large volumes of real-time and historical IoT data, hierarchies and other relationships for efficient analysis. Provides a single version of the data for users across the organization.

    Unified, business-focused data selection & launchers

    Provides an intuitive interface that lets nontechnical users quickly prepare, organize, select and launch data without having to know the underlying technology and data structure.

    Out-of-the-box, extensible ETL

    Automatically transforms and loads key data fields into the data model in real time or batch. Lets you integrate additional field and production quality data with your sensor data.

    Data profiles & explorations

    Summarizes huge volumes of high-frequency data to understand where data is being collected and what's available for analysis. Reduces millions of sensor and event records to a manageable size, and visualizes them while maintaining relationships and patterns in the data.

    Open APIs

    Surfaces data selections and launchers in SAS or third-party applications and lets you access SAS capabilities from your preferred coding environment – SAS, Python, R, Java, Lua or Scala.

    Advanced analytics & embedded AI

    Combines data exploration, feature engineering and modern statistical, data mining, machine learning and AI techniques in a single, scalable in-memory distributed processing environment.

    Event stream processing

    Analyzes and filters streaming data by processing huge volumes at very high rates with extremely low latency so you can understand events while they're happening and decide which data to keep for future analysis.

    Support for the IoT analytics life cycle

    Supports analytics throughout your IoT infrastructure – from the central hub, data center or cloud all the way to the edge, and at any point in between. Simplifies data complexity across the analytics life cycle, from data, to discovery, to deployment.

    Cloud native

    Compatible with cloud technologies – including Docker and Kubernetes – for large-scale, elastic, multitenant, distributed services, and is ready-made to take advantage of the large volumes of data generated by the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

    Custom analysis framework

    Provides a low-code user interface for administrators to create site-specific analysis templates that expand the out-of-the-box analytic capabilities. Lets you integrate SAS, Python, R and other code into the standard analysis process.

    Stability monitoring

    Builds analytic models based on stable periods of typical operation of a monitored asset. Compares those models of predicted behavior to actual behavior of assets over time and generates alerts of anomalous behavior.

    Industrial IoT Product of the Year 2023 Award Logo

    SAS was named a winner of the 2023 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award

    IoT Evolution Award Product of the Year 2022 Logo

    SAS was named a winner of the 2022 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award by IoT Evolution World

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