Advanced AI-Powered Energy Forecasting

White Paper

Advanced AI-Powered Energy Forecasting

presented by IDC

Accelerating changes in regional power market dynamics worldwide create the need for more advanced energy forecasting models. As energy and utility companies deal with more frequent extreme weather events and market regulation changes, that need for model changes will only increase. In addition, companies are also having to cope with a greater reliance on clean but unpredictable energy resources.

Read this IDC Spotlight paper to learn how AI-powered energy forecasting can help the power and utility sector in areas such as operations, trading and integrated resource planning. AI forecasting models also support core functions such as:

  • Long-term capital planning.
  • Short- and long-term load forecasts.
  • More economical dispatch of generating units.
  • Bidding strategies for capacity markets.
  • Demand response events.
  • Load shedding.
  • Load shifting.