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Data Curation for SAS Data Scientists

Exam Content Guide

Below we provide a list of the objectives that will be tested on the exam.
For more specific details about each objective download the complete exam content guide.

During the testing of these objectives; you will be expected to perform common tasks, such as:

Working with SAS Data Integration Studio (20%)

  • Describe SAS Data Integration Studio basics
  • Create Metadata for Source Data
  • Create Metadata for Target Data and Jobs

Ensure the accuracy of data (20%)

  • Describe the structure of the SAS Quality Knowledge Base
  • Use DataFlux Data Management Studio
  • Use SAS Data Quality Server

Techniques for Working with Big Data (40%)

  • Describe the key concepts of the Hadoop ecosystem (Aligns with BDP2 objective 3.1) J. S.
  • Query and manage Hadoop data using Hive and HiveQL (Aligns with BDP2 objective 3.3) J.S.
  • Query and Manage Hadoop Data using Pig and Pig Latin
  • Access HDFS and Invoke Hadoop Applications from SAS
  • Use the SAS/ACCESS SQL Pass-thru Facility
  • Use the SAS/ACCESS Libname Engine
  • Use DS2 Programming to manage Hadoop data
  • Use SAS Data Loader to manage Hadoop data

Special Data Management Topics (20%)

  • Connect to data using SAS/ACCESS
  • Virtualize data with SAS Federation Server
  • Process IoT Streams in Real Time with SAS Event Stream Processing
  • Work with SAS Data Governance technologies

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