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Get everything you need to bring analytics into the classroom.

Teach students the skills they’ll need to pursue a lucrative career in the digital age. We provide a multitude of support services and resources for teaching, learning and researching – free workshops, teaching materials, access to free software, e-learning courses and more.

Instructor speaking with two students working on a laptop
Instructor speaking with two students working on a laptop

Get free teaching materials.

Get all the teaching materials you need to teach a SAS course – absolutely free. Use the materials in whole or in part to teach degree-seeking students at the undergraduate or graduate levels, or to train internal university employees. 

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Participate in free professor workshops.

Keep your statistical analysis skills at the forefront of the digital age, and bring the power of analytics to your classroom. We offer free workshops on a variety of topics designed to be taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Instructor talking to others in a computer classroom setting
Instructor talking to others in a computer classroom setting

Get training and more for less.

If you're an educator looking to advance your SAS knowledge or incorporate SAS into the classroom, we offer a variety of academic discounts on SAS books, training, certification exams and more. 

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Take advantage of all available resources.

Whether you want to build courses, create degree programs, grant certificates, conduct research, acquire analytical skills or network with other SAS users, we provide extensive resources to help you succeed.

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SAS® Software for Educators

The fact that companies that hire from us come back again and again looking for our students is the marketplace validation of what we're doing right. Goutam Chakraborty, PhD Professor of Marketing Oklahoma State University

Look who’s using SAS®.

Thousands of schools around the globe use SAS in the classroom.

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Get free books to evaluate for classroom use.

We offer a variety of publications that can help your students learn SAS. Instructors and committee chairpersons interested in reviewing a book for possible classroom adoption may request up to two free evaluation copies per semester.   

Recommended Resources

Learn SAS at your own pace. Free video tutorials by expert instructors cover a variety of SAS software topics.

Read about the latest programs for students and faculty, resources for teaching and research, and SAS tips and techniques. 

Join this active community, where educators, students, researchers and independent learners ask questions and exchange ideas.

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