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New Zealand's leading coalition loyalty programme uses SAS® for enhanced customer intelligence

Loyalty New Zealand offers Fly Buys Partners improved buyer behaviour analysis to help get, keep and grow customers.

Loyalty New Zealand's Fly Buys programme is the largest loyalty programme in New Zealand, with over 50 category leading brands involved and an active membership of over 75% of all New Zealand households – one of the highest levels of household penetration anywhere in the world.  Fly Buys retail partners cover all major household spending categories including banking, petrol, grocery, hardware, energy, insurance, pharmacy, books and electronics – to name just a few.

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As well as providing these Partners with a cost effective loyalty solution that rewards customers for shopping, Loyalty New Zealand also offers an in-depth customer insights service that leverages a wealth of data on customer shopping behaviours, supplemented with a range of additional demographic and attitudinal data sources.

SAS has been a key business partner in the development of Loyalty New Zealand’s enhanced Customer Insight capability, which is now seeing Loyalty New Zealand provide a broad catalogue of sophisticated analytics products and services to its Partners.  With long hands-on experience of SAS solutions elsewhere, Vince Morder joined Loyalty New Zealand as its Analytics Manager.  His brief is to further extend Loyalty New Zealand’s analytical capabilities.  As he explains, “we adopted the SAS Business Analytics framework in order to ramp up the service for Partners and provide them with in-depth analyses to help them get new customers, retain the ones they have, and grow their value”.

Examples of the outputs being generated from the Customer Insights team include highly targeted campaigns, propensity modelling, behavioural and attitudinal segmentations, store catchment area profiling, new site location analysis and at-risk modelling. Vince Morder says that SAS has enabled his team of analysts to capitalise on the ever increasing data set available. "The impetus on my team is to use the data we have to deliver better, faster and more sophisticated statistical analysis."

He highlights the significant time and efficiency savings Loyalty New Zealand has achieved from its SAS implementation – the ability to develop and scale models in under 30 minutes and develop and launch campaigns within a day compared with up to 20 days previously. One such initiative is known within the company as Project Gatekeeper in which SAS has enabled Loyalty New Zealand to run a points summary with literally hundreds of thousands of discrete variations, by selecting leads across more than 300 separate campaigns. This is now being further refined through the implementation of SAS Marketing Optimisation.

He also points to the increased returns on investment which Partners are gaining from more discreetly targeted marketing campaigns which focus on putting the right offer to the right customer at the right time. This is a win-win outcome for both the Partners and Loyalty New Zealand.

Vince Morder is enthusiastic about the benefits of being able to provide Partners with deeper and more meaningful analyses.  “Using SAS, we are offering a vastly improved analytics service which is helping our Partners maximise their involvement and return from the Fly Buys programme, and provide new insights to drive their businesses."

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Vince Morder, Analytics Manager

Loyalty New Zealand

Business Issue:
With a broad range of behavioural, demographic and attitudinal data at its finger tips, Loyalty New Zealand recognised the potential to offer an enhanced customer intelligence service to its Partners to help them grow their businesses.
SAS® Customer Intelligence suite including SAS® Marketing Optimisation, underpinned by the SAS® Business Analytics framework to deliver data management and customer analytics.

Increased ability for Partners to leverage their involvement and maximise their return from the Fly Buys programme.

Providing new insights to Partners to enable them to get, keep and grow customers and make better informed business decisions.

Efficiency gains through the ability to develop and scale models in under 30 minutes – a significant time saving and one that has facilitated significant improvements in the speed in which campaigns can be developed and launched.

Using SAS, we are offering a vastly improved analytics service which is helping our Partners maximise their involvement and return from the Fly Buys programme, and provide new insights to drive their businesses.

Vince Morder

Analytics Manager

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