Predict & Plan Consumer Demand


Predicting and planning consumer demand for the intelligent supply chain.

As a recognized leader in machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, SAS delivers intelligent demand planning capabilities for streamlining and automating complex planning tasks to improve supply chain efficiency while delivering superior customer experiences.

How SAS® on Azure Enables Better Demand Planning

Low-touch planning processes help you manage planning by exception, which reduces errors and human bias. Easily model and forecast all your products and selling locations to meet customer demand while managing overall inventory costs.

Easily run analytic workloads in the cloud to make trusted decisions and meet business goals faster

  • Make real-time decisions at the local level to react quickly to market developments.
  • Start using the latest solution innovations the moment they’re available with our continuous integration/continuous delivery approach.
  • Adopt advanced analytics technology without incurring the technical debt of in-house development.

Plan where you want – on the web, on the go or in your favorite Microsoft productivity tool

  • Leverage powerful SAS Analytics right in Microsoft Excel.
  • Improve productivity with flexible access to plans from your smartphone and other devices.
  • Plan for 100% of your geos, channels, categories and products.

Unlock more critical data insights on the path to digital transformation

  • Stay ahead of competitors with the limitless scale and computing power of the cloud.
  • Govern and orchestrate your analytics ecosystem.
  • Trust SAS and Microsoft for secure, agile digital transformation.

Why choose SAS® on Azure to predict and plan consumer demand?

More productive planning processes

Increase forecast accuracy by 10% to 25% compared with traditional methods and gut instinct.

Optimized inventory & reduced stockouts

Improve inventory productivity by 3% to 5% while increasing on-shelf availability.

Easier collaboration – both internally & with suppliers

Work with suppliers to sense and shape demand and ensure supply chain stability.

Data scientists and business users alike need improved tools and interfaces to improve collaboration.

"Adoption of advanced analytics, such as SAS Predict and Plan Consumer Demand, will help retailers improve forecast accuracy with an automated, low-touch planning process. SAS Predict and Plan Consumer Demand offers an Azure-ready, scalable planning solution that enables data scientists and business users to collaborate using advanced analytics, AI and machine learning."

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