Transforming Clinical Trial Analysis & Submission


Advance clinical data science with regulatory-grade analytics in support of decentralized, patient-centric clinical trials.

SAS delivers powerful analytic tools and techniques, including AI and analytics for IoT, to help you secure a competitive edge in the heavily regulated world of clinical research analytics – from getting trials up and running, to modernizing trial designs, to delivering life-changing therapies to market with greater speed and efficiency.

How SAS® Life Science Analytics Framework Accelerates Modernization of Clinical Analysis and Submission on Azure

SAS has extensive experience managing SAS industry solutions in GxP-qualified environments in the SAS Cloud. Azure is the cloud platform of choice for many life science customers. Together they bring the perfect combination of cloud computing and clinical experience to derive valuable insights from clinical data.


  • Simplify handoffs between all stakeholders – internally and externally.
  • Integrate internal and third-party workflow management.
  • Easily adapt processes for a new clinical trial ecosystem.

Data governance

  • Reduce data management risk.
  • Improve data quality and versioning.
  • Ensure compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and CDISC.

Flexible, modern framework

  • Easily integrate with current and future data streams.
  • Rely on proven integration with other clinical operational solutions.
  • Adopt our latest AI and IoT capabilities to support decentralized clinical trials and modern trial designs.

Time to value

  • Provide all stakeholders with a single integrated platform.
  • Get up and running within three months with a standard GxP-qualified environment using SAS Life Science Analytics Framework.
  • Access data in near-real time for faster insights that drive better business decisions.

Why choose SAS® to transform clinical trial analysis and submission on Azure?

As a market leader in clinical research analytics, SAS delivers a secure analytics foundation and scalable framework for clinical trial analysis and submission.

Faster insights

Understand clinical outcomes faster, detect potential issues sooner and spend more time focusing on actual results.

Risk mitigation

Avoid delays on regulatory submissions.

Increased efficiency

Adopt mature processes to improve performance.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals uses SAS® to get rapid reporting of trial results.

"The SAS Life Science Analytics Framework, hosted and managed by SAS in a GxP-qualified cloud environment, provides a proven, global industry solution in which international virtual teams at Ferring and clinical research organizations access clinical data in the same way, and continuously aim at optimizing working procedures while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The extensive integration and workflow capabilities, combined with real-time access to clinical data, enable efficient processes supporting centralized monitoring and ultimately rapid reporting of trial results. This foundational solution also allows for near-term expansion adopting SAS’ latest AI machine learning and IoT capabilities in support of decentralized clinical trials and modern trial designs."

Bjarke Klein, Vice President of Global Biometrics, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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