Transforming Health Outcomes Through Analytics


Predictive health insights that improve patient outcomes and experience.

Integrate health and nonhealth data to enable predictions of individual and community health risks, such as infection prevention, readmissions, length of stay, patient safety, cost of care and more.

How SAS® Health on Azure Accelerates Digital Health Transformation

Expand access to analytic insights for all health stakeholders to increase data-driven decisions. Increase interoperability and flexibility within a secure cloud environment, unlocking the value of data and AI to improve health outcomes.

Increased interoperability of health data, processes & analytic workflows

  • Break down data silos to create holistic patient health profiles.
  • Improve data integration by using industry data standards available in Azure, including FHIR.
  • Reduce time to insight through faster analytic data preparation.

Timely insights at the point of data creation

  • Reduce latency and processing time by moving analytics to the cloud.
  • Improve efficiency and increase the value of analytics through a secure, governed cloud-based infrastructure.

Greater agility for addressing unanticipated opportunities

  • Adapt to the rapidly transforming health data landscape.
  • Easily access new analytic capabilities in a flexible cloud environment.
  • Unify your insight generation and dissemination to provide more data and analytic capabilities to more people.

Why choose SAS® on Azure to transform health outcomes through analytics?

Achieve the art of the possible with powerful health analytics, extensive predictive modeling capabilities and robust data visualization.

Better understand individual & population health risks

Predict the risk of readmissions, infection and disease. Analyze patient outcomes in the context of relevant cohort populations.

Integrated, unified health analytics data

Extract insights from large volumes of structured and unstructured data, including streaming data from IoMT devices. Drive interoperability and explore data with confidence.

Better decisions that improve patient lives

Increase efficiency and automation with embedded AI. Protect patient data in a secure cloud environment. And expand the use of data-driven insights across clinical and operational teams.

Mercy focuses on how to continuously improve patient care with SAS® Analytics on Azure.

"At Mercy, we’re focused on how to continuously improve patient care and outcomes, and realize the role of data, analytics and machine learning in bringing that focus to light. Working with SAS and Microsoft, we can capitalize on analytics software and the Azure cloud platform to strengthen our ability to harness real-world evidence for improved outcomes and more-informed care."

Curtis Dudley, Vice President of Data Analytics Mercy

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