Achieve higher manufacturing quality at a lower cost.

Drive deeper production process understanding with predictive analytics. Maximize throughput and quality with prescriptive analytics.

Get support for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

With real-time monitoring throughout the enterprise, it's easier to identify patterns while processes are ongoing. Take advantage of the large volumes of diverse data generated by the IIoT – at the edge or in the cloud – through our common code base and data model for key quality areas, including asset perfor­mance and field quality.

Gain a holistic view of the enterprise. 

Integrate any type of data relevant to quality, productivity and utilization using our analytics-based enterprise quality solution. Proactively monitor the health of your processes, and generate sustainable quality and yield improvements while containing costs.

Improve quality and minimize production costs.

Support multiple data domains, including material movement tracking, genealogy data, process data and asset condition data using our advanced analysis workspace. Get a rich set of interactive root-cause analysis and quality improvement tools that can predict quality issues and operational performance degradations before they become serious problems.

Understand changes quickly.

Gain true process under­standing across your entire manufacturing operations with world-class data mining capabilities. Document findings and problem-resolution measures, while promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing with best-practice workflows and case management.


By combining the power of data integration, automation and analytics, SAS enables you to fully understand operational processes so you can make sustainable improvements and lower associated costs.

Cloud native

Compatible with cloud technologies – including Docker and Kubernetes – for large-scale, elastic, multitenant, distributed services. Ready-made to take advantage of the large volumes of data generated by the IIoT.

Enterprise quality-centric data model

Captures large volumes of data regardless of format or source – from legacy to modern MES, ERP and other systems.

Automated monitoring & alerting

Continuously monitors the health of all processes to ensure quality throughout manufacturing and operations with a large-scale, automatic monitoring engine.

Predictive modeling

Provides an array of analytical tools – including explorative analysis, design of experiments with optimizers, and cause-and-effect tools such as Ishikawa diagrams – to optimize process and equipment setups.

Advanced analysis workspace

Lets users analyze quality issues and explore areas of improvement in a highly interactive and visual environment. Serves a broad variety of users, from the casual user to the high-end statistician.

Reporting & KPI dashboards

Delivers customizable reports and graphs enabling information sharing among all who need it. Includes standard and ad hoc reports, KPI scorecards, drillable views, snapshots and trend analysis from across the manufacturing operation.

Quality explorations

View high volumes of process sensor data in context of production events like batch and product changeovers. Visually identify areas needing investigation for a faster, deeper understanding of process.

Predictive quality

Mathematically model your production quality measures, such as yield. Run these models in real time and get predictive alerts on quality issues before they happen.

Process optimization

Use machine learning algorithms to analyze your process and determine the optimal setpoints. Maximize yield throughput while minimizing cost.

Our objective is to improve production, not spend time producing or collecting data. muRata logo Makoto Miyamori Senior Manager, No. 2 Manufacturing Innovation Section Manufacturing Enhancement Department


透過在雲端更快決策,應對各種分析挑戰(從實驗型功能到關鍵任務型功能)。這些雲端供應商現已推出最新版本 SAS Viya。

SAS Cloud

透過在 Microsoft Azure 上原生執行 SAS Viya,SAS Cloud能夠管理整個分析平台,以實現最佳效能和價值。


Microsoft 是我們的策略合作夥伴和首選的雲端供應商。透过深度整合並基於共同的路線圖,SAS 和 Microsoft 正在合作塑造雲端 AI 和分析功能的未來。


SAS Viya 採用雲端原生(cloud-native)設計,已經過測試並獲准使用數百萬 AWS 使用者所使用的雲端服務。


憑藉對創新和開放式程式碼雲端原則的承諾,SAS Viya 為 Google Cloud 提供原生 AI 和進階分析功能。

Red Hat OpenShift

SAS Viya 將最新的 DataOps、AI 和 ModelOps 功能引入 Red Hat OpenShift – 領先的企業 Kubernetes 平台,專為您的開放式混合雲端策略而建構。​

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