Find meaningful work at SAS.

We’re not about coffee runs and boring busywork. A SAS internship is focused on development, culture and community. We’ll help you grow professionally, thrive in an award-winning work environment and make memorable connections with your co-workers and fellow interns. From contributing analytical code to improving insights for our Fortune 100 customers, the potential to make a real impact is exciting.

Our interns aren't shy about sharing their insights.

After only a couple months at SAS, I realized it was somewhere I wanted to stay. The people are great and all the work I’ve been assigned to has been meaningful. I can’t wait to continue my journey as an intern at such a great company. Falesha Brodie Graduate Intern HR Business Partners, SAS
I applied to SAS' internship program for the opportunity to be authentically autistic after years of hiding it in public. It has been the opportunity of a lifetime. Chris Rackley Associate User Experience Designer SAS
It’s been an immense privilege to be part of a company that invests heavily in the growth and development of their young professionals. Melissa Jantjies Business Solutions Manager SAS

Did we mention all of the perks?

  • Paid internships to earn while you learn.
  • Mentoring from the top minds in business.
  • Culture that promotes work-life balance.
  • Projects of real value, not tedious tasks.
  • Social media training by professionals.
  • Presentation/communication skills training.
  • Campus environment that fosters innovation.
  • Executive fireside chats with leadership.
  • Networking with leaders and other interns.
  • Social and cultural events to unwind.
  • Opportunity for professional SAS certifications.

Timing is everything.



SAS recruiters host recruiting events throughout the year to speak with potential candidates.


September – February

Pick the focus area and job that best suits you and submit your application.


October – April

Interviews are conducted on a rolling basis, depending on the internships available.

You're In

May and June

SAS has summer internships with two midmonth start dates. Internships last 10 to 12 weeks.

Let's get down to the details

I've applied. How will I get updates?
Once you apply, we will provide regular status updates to all applicants on a rolling basis. We receive thousands of applications annually, so we appreciate your patience. At the close of our recruitment season (end of the spring semester), we’ll give you a final status update.

I've been offered an interview. What happens next?
During the selection and interview process, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the team you may work on. Interviews may be conducted via HireVue on demand, live virtual interview, in person or a combination.

Can I apply for more than one internship?
Based on your prior experiences and interests, your résumé will be shared with hiring managers across SAS. This will then determine who you interview with during the selection process. You can apply multiple times, but that does not increase your chances for an interview.

Are internships available only during the summer?
In addition to summer opportunities, we also offer year-round internships that average 15 hours per week.

Intern Expo showcases talent

After working hard all summer our interns participate in our annual Intern Expo. SAS leaders attend the event to show their support of the program. Interns network with other fellow interns and teams across SAS. And they get valuable feedback about how their projects are making an impact.

United in STEM: SAS Diversity Internship Program

We believe diversity and inclusion are multidimensional – we have a culture that blends our different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives from 59 countries around the world.  A diverse workforce brings together unique talents and abilities that inspire teams to create software that can change the world. Great minds don’t always think alike, so we make it a priority to promote an environment where varied perspectives are encouraged. 

Our United in Stem: SAS Diversity Internship Program is designed to provide a valuable work experience for current students enrolled in an accredited degree program who are passionate about technology and eager to make an impact. Our goal is to provide the opportunity to work in an inclusive work environment, receive mentorship and coaching, and make meaningful contributions to our organization.

We have opportunities for current students who identify as neurodiverse, Black or African American, Latinx, Indigenous and other historically underrepresented students of color, women and students affiliated with the US military – service members, veterans and military spouses.

Зачем ждать окончания учебы?

У студентов есть возможность обучиться SAS прямо сейчас. Академическая программа предоставляет бесплатный доступ к базовой аналитике и статистике; бесплатные видеоуроки и электронные курсы, которые обучат вас основам программирования SAS и статистического анализа. Более того, существует интерактивное онлайн-сообщество, где вы сможете найти форумы и техническую поддержку программного обеспечения.

SAS is using our most advanced technology in innovative ways to help our customers across every industry combat the coronavirus outbreak.