Design and Analysis of Experiments Using JMP 15

Exam Content Guide

Below we provide a list of the objectives that will be tested on the exam.
For more specific details about each objective download the complete exam content guide.

Create a DOE Plan - 40%

  • Identify and define the critical responses to be measured for the experiment
  • Identify and define the factors to be varied for the experiment
  • Identify and implement factor constraints if necessary
  • Identify terms to be included in the model
  • Create a design with the appropriate design features
  • Evaluate the performance of the design for estimation, testing, and prediction

Data Collection – 15%

  • Enumerate the benefits of randomization, and identify the impact of a restriction on randomization
  • Explain how replication can be used and overused and distinguish between replication and multiple measurements on the same experimental unit
  • Determine blocking requirements (how the blocking variable influences the collection of your data)
  • Evaluate measurement system signal to noise ratio

Analysis - 30%

  • Select the best model
  • Exploit the best model
  • Fit separate or combine models for multiple responses
  • Be able to use the profiler under the graph menu (prediction formulas)

Create the next Experiment - 15%

  • Conduct verification to determine the need to augment an existing experiment
  • Be able to augment a design (add runs) to address specific needs
  • Under Augment Design, be able to define: replicate, add center points, add axial, fold over, augment

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